Premium Wrought Iron Doors in Bloomington


Are you looking to transform your Bloomington home? Our interior steel doors and wrought iron doors can help you achieve the look you want.

Bloomington is situated within the hills of southern Indiana and is home to around 85,000 people. Tens and thousands of Indiana University students come to this town to study and transform their lives. Bloomington offers a unique city experience with an excellent community and safe and friendly neighborhoods that embrace diversity. The closely-knit communities in the city make it an ideal place for people to buy houses and start a family. But a house is incomplete without striking interiors. And that’s where Pinky’s Iron Doors come in.

You’ll find an amalgam of modern-meets-classic interiors in most of the Bloomington houses, where low ceiling rooms are coupled with beautiful custom steel doors.

Pinky’s Iron Doors is one of the top manufacturers of wrought iron doors and interior steel doors in Bloomington. Bloomington residents can browse through our extensive collection of factory-style steel doors, contemporary iron doors, custom iron doors, and more.



As a Bloomington homeowner, you must worry about the door’s durability. That’s why we’ve employed some of the best quality assurance practices to ensure that all our interior doors are manufactured to perfection and meet industry standards. Our doors are coupled with expert craftsmanship and long-lasting durability to offer timeless pieces that will look great in your home’s interior for years to come.

Our collection of interior steel doors is unique. You can find every kind of wrought iron and steel door that you’re looking for your interior design. Our doors range from entry doors, front doors, patio doors, French doors, sliding doors, and Dutch doors, to cold weather doors. Each of these styles keep the vintage and modern interior design trends in mind. This means that all our wrought iron and steel doors will gel in well in your existing space without needing you to remodel your entire space.

Moreover, you can also talk to our representative about your specific needs, and we will customize an interior door that meets your specifications. Yes, we go the extra mile for your clients to help them achieve their desired version of their home.

So, are you ready to revamp your Bloomington home? Head over to Pinky’s Iron Doors and check out our expansive range of interior doors. Call us at (844) 843-6677 for more information.

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