Modern Iron Doors in Seattle Washington

Seattle. There's no city quite like it. It's such a diverse and surprising location, earning a range of nicknames like "Jet City" and "Emerald City." This is where globally-known brands like Starbucks and Boeing were born. Where musical genres like jazz, rock, and grunge grew and developed. Where towering man-made structures like the Space Needle sit atop a backdrop of intense natural beauty.

In short, it's a special place, and people who live here are proud to call it home. They also tend to be proud of their properties, which is why so many Seattleites look for ways to improve the look and feel of their houses. One of the best additions you might like to make to your Seattle home is a set of modern iron doors. Let's explore some of the reasons why.

The Benefits of Iron Entry Doors for Seattle Homeowners

Whether you're buying entry doors, interior doors, sliding doors, or some other kind of door, you've got lots of options. There are steel doors, wooden doors, fiberglass, and other materials. However, modern iron doors often rank as the No. 1 choice, excelling in all key areas. They're capable of providing immense levels of strength, beauty, and durability in one fabulous package.

Here are just some of the unique benefits that set custom iron doors apart from the rest.

Strong and Sturdy in the Face of the Elements

They don't call Seattle "Rain City" for nothing. The Seattle area is the cloudiest region in the entire U.S. What's more, Seattle has more rainy days than almost any other city nationwide, as well. While light drizzles and showers are commonplace here, residents also sometimes have to contend with harsh storms and strong winds. They need exterior doors that can withstand the elements.

That's why so many Seattleites turn to the strongest and toughest door options, like steel doors and iron doors. Iron is particularly well-suited to this city. It can stand up well to regular rainfall and harsh winds, neither bending nor buckling, even after weeks of consistent drizzle. While wood rots and other materials weaken with time, a wrought iron entry door can cope with almost anything.

Air Window - Push Out | Customize - PINKYS

Coping with High and Low Temperatures

Rain isn't the only defining aspect of the Seattle area climate. This city sees quite a broad spectrum of temperatures throughout the year, too. Summers can be quite toasty, while winters are often cold and frosty. Again, this is something that plays on the minds of Seattle homeowners when picking out a new front door. They need something that can handle the highs and lows.

Once again, metal options like steel doors and modern iron doors are the right options. Wrought iron doors have been proven to withstand changing temperatures with ease. Other materials can shrink and expand as temperatures shift, or even suffer cracks and damage. Custom iron doors won't do that. You can count on a wrought iron front door to stay strong and sturdy, whatever the weather.

Increasing Home Security and Protection

Security is another huge aspect to consider when investing in doors, especially front doors. While many parts of Seattle are safe and pleasant, there's always a risk of intruders and criminals targeting your property. They'll naturally be drawn to homes with weak front doors that can easily be broken. But modern iron doors are fantastic criminal deterrents.

Given their immense strength and fortitude, wrought iron doors are far tougher nuts to crack than their wooden or PVC counterparts. Thanks to this, would-be burglars and intruders are far less likely to even attempt a break-in of a property with custom iron doors. Even if you live in a safe area with high-end homes all around, a custom iron door can provide some pleasant peace of mind.

Boosting Your Property's Value

Even if you think you've found your forever home and have no plans to sell, it's never a bad idea to add value to your property. Life is unpredictable, after all. You might end up moving for one reason or another, or your home might end up being passed down to future generations. In either case, a set of custom iron doors can increase its value in more ways than one.

Indeed, surveys show that home buyers are generally more drawn to properties with solid iron doors at the front and back. They're also usually more willing to pay over the odds for such a property. Plus, since wrought iron doors massively enhance curb appeal, your home will be more likely to attract multiple potential buyers and trigger a bidding war.

A Long-Lasting Property Addition

Nobody wants to worry about changing their front door too often. Indeed, a front door should be a long-lasting addition to the property, capable of coping for years or even generations of use. Unfortunately, that's not always the way it goes. House doors made of weak material are at risk of needing replacement after just a few years.

All it takes is one bad storm. One heavy impact. One particularly frosty winter. Weak doors simply won't stand up to these kinds of conditions. However, strong, modern iron doors are much tougher and longer lasting. The very best wrought iron doors can last for 30, 40, 50 years and beyond. Iron doors are so durable, you might never have to worry about buying another door ever again.


With immense strength and long-lasting durability, it's no wonder that iron products also rank among the most low-maintenance options. Indeed, owners of modern iron doors will rarely have to carry out any kind of maintenance or repairs at all. Since wrought iron doors are so tough and resilient, there's very little chance of major damage or any other issue.

This puts iron doors in stark contrast with other custom door options. Wood doors, for example, often need painting and staining. Glass, even tempered dual pane glass, can crack and smash. Plastics may also crack, fade, and wear as the weeks go by. But modern iron doors withstand the test of time, giving homeowners the freedom to enjoy their Seattle homes without worrying about tedious tasks.

Luxury and Elegant Door Design

Seattle is a beautiful city. The architecture here is rich and diverse, with an eclectic mix of styles. Tudor, Victorian, Dutch Colonial. These are just some of the leading architectural styles that dominate the residential side of the cityscape. No matter which style home you happen to own, a wrought iron entry door can help it fulfill its true potential.

Wrought iron doors rank among the prettiest and most elegant options of all. They're innately beautiful, with various door designs to suit every taste. That includes sleek and modern iron doors, like the PINKYS Air 4, with its minimalistic design and grand glass windows. Or more decorative and ornate wrought iron doors, such as PINKYS Beverly, with its winding, twisting turns of wrought iron.

Rust and Fire Resistance

One of the few fears that may pass through a homeowner's mind when considering a metal door design is the risk of rust. However, even though iron can indeed rust, it's a very different story with wrought iron. With lower levels of carbon and superior properties to regular iron, wrought iron doors are far less likely to suffer from rust or corrosion.

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Fire is another risk that is greatly reduced when you have modern iron doors. This is particularly true when compared to materials that are far more flammable, such as wood. A wooden door could burst into flames and prevent an exit in case of a house fire. Wrought iron doors, however, don't pose the same threat, providing one extra layer of protection and peace of mind.

A Customizable Choice to Suit Your Property Just Right

Another magical aspect of wrought iron is its versatility. It can be formed and forged in a myriad of shapes to suit every desire and preference. From grand double doors with intricate, ornate flourishes to sleek and stylish pocket doors and glass-style interior doors, the list is endless. What's more, leading providers of modern iron doors give you the freedom to design the custom iron door of your dreams.

You can pick from a range of wrought iron door styles, sizes, frame colors, jamb sizes, and so on. You can also customize your modern iron doors with a suite of optional additions, like transom windows and sidelights. With such a range of options, it's easy to find modern iron doors that don't just transform and elevate your house, but also blend in with it seamlessly.

Suitable for Use Throughout the Home

When most people think of wrought iron doors, they immediately think of entry doors or exterior doors. However, while the benefits of iron doors are perhaps best suited for use around the exterior, that's not the only option. You can fit an iron door almost anywhere throughout the home. They work equally well as interior doors, entry doors, sliding doors, pocket doors, and more.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

The planet's warming. Weather is changing. Even cities renowned for rain and cloud cover, like Seattle, are feeling the effects. As such, efficiency and sustainability are on many homeowners' minds when selecting new door designs. Once again, these are areas in which iron products stand out head and shoulders above almost any other material.

Lifestyle shot of PINKYS Air 5 single flat top black steel door w/ sidelights

Thanks to their thickness and strength, modern iron doors can help customers lead eco-friendly lives. They stand guard against the cold winds of winter, securing warmth indoors. This can help to reduce the home's reliance on fossil fuels and gas or electric heating. What's more, made from a naturally occurring metal, modern iron doors are also a safe, sustainable choice.

Wrought Iron Doors: The Perfect Choice for a Seattle Home

Strength. Resistance. Efficiency. Beauty. Custom iron doors bring all of these benefits and more. Their advantages are numerous, and their value incalculable. They can work for homes all across America but are particularly beneficial for people in and around the Seattle area. While other materials may struggle to cope with the rain, wind, and temperatures of Seattle, iron stays strong in the face of it all.

Modern iron doors also bring clear value to any Seattle property, perfect for those who might consider selling up and moving on in the future. In short, no matter what type or size of home you have and what your plans happen to be, modern iron doors are always a sound investment in Seattle.

PINKYS: The Leading Name in Custom Iron Doors

Clearly, modern iron doors are the best choice for Seattle properties. But, if you hope to get maximum value from your new iron doors, you have to buy from a provider you can trust. A company that knows the intricacies of iron and understands the right way to bring out the best in it. That's where PINKYS comes into play.

A Trusted, Experienced Provider

Formed in 1978, PINKYS has been around for quite a while. Right from the start, we've enjoyed working with metals like steel and iron, harnessing the unique powers and potential of these natural resources. Decades of working with wrought iron have helped us understand its quirks and characteristics, bending and shaping it into an array of spectacular shapes.

In other words, PINKYS is a wrought iron door specialist. The kind of company you can count on. We don't merely deliver satisfactory front doors, but game-changing, house-transforming products of passion and creativity. With unparalleled experience, a proven pedigree, and a trusted track record of success, PINKYS is a name you can believe in.

Only the Finest Materials

Not all iron doors are made equal. Some feature weaker or flimsier frames, or types of iron that are more prone to rust and corrosion. But that's not the case with PINKYS. Here, we only use the finest materials for all of our products. That goes for our vast range of iron doors, as well as steel doors in various shapes and sizes.

By using the very best and strongest forms of wrought iron, PINKYS delivers doors that are truly built to last. Indeed, our iron doors can cope for decades, with only minimal maintenance requirements. These are the kinds of doors that will stand strong and proud at the front of your home, or throughout it, from one generation to the next.

Care, Passion, and Craft

At PINKYS, we love what we do. We believe that doors are more than functional pieces of the property puzzle. Instead, we see each one as a vision. A view. A creation. An innovation. That's why we treat each and every iron door as a passion project, investing exceptional levels of time, effort, and hard work into them all.

Our artisan, customer-oriented approach ensures that every door crafted by PINKYS looks and feels the best it can be. Each one is a frame, a view of the world beyond, and a connection to that world, imbued with the love of those who made it. So, no matter which size or style you pick, you'll be sure to receive a truly phenomenal product that brings value and creativity to your property.

Breathtaking Designs

The PINKYS team also believes in the beauty of iron. Having worked with wrought iron for years and crafted countless iron doors in that time, we know how special this material is. We know how striking and stunning it can be when shaped and worked with correctly. So we put lots of time and love into designing the most jaw-dropping, breathtaking iron door designs on the market today.

Our catalog spans a range of styles. We offer sleek, modern, and minimalistic iron doors for those who adore the contemporary. At the other end of the spectrum, we also offer more traditional, intricate, detailed, and decorative iron door designs. So, no matter whether you have a classic Seattle property or a brand-new modern home, you can find a PINKYS iron door to fit it perfectly.

Ease of Installation

Homeowners may be wary of the time and effort needed to install a new iron door. However, with PINKYS iron doors, there's no need to fear. While we don't offer our own installation services, our designers work hard to ensure that every product is easy to install. Customers can then simply work with their own local trusted contractors to fit their new doors in no time.

This, once more, is a stark contrast to certain other doors which can be a major pain and hassle to fit. With PINKYS, you'll enjoy a seamless, stress-free experience, ready to enjoy all the benefits and beauty of your new iron doors without delay.

A Range of Custom Options

Customization is also something that PINKYS takes very seriously. We know that every home is different, and so is every one of our customers. Each has their own desires, preferences, and tastes. Each home has its own style, vibe, and atmosphere. It's vital to get an iron door that meets every requirement and matches the home just right. But, more often than not, homeowners feel compelled to compromise or settle for a door that doesn't quite fulfill all of their needs.

PINKYS Hills Black Iron Single Flat Door

With PINKYS, it's different. We offer a complete range of customization solutions for your wrought iron door. Buyers can pick and choose not just from different styles and sizes, but also frame colors, door jamb thicknesses, lock styles, and so on. With such a wide range of wrought iron door options, you're guaranteed to get the perfect fit.

Sustainable and Efficient Door Designs

In Seattle, with the rain, wind, and cool temperatures present for large parts of the year, it's strongly recommended to invest in efficient iron doors. Again, this is an area in which PINKYS excels. We offer state-of-the-art artisan iron doors with market-leading efficiency ratings. They're sure to improve your property's sustainability levels, keeping out the cold and minimizing your carbon footprint.

We even offer iron doors with advanced design features like weather stripping and thermal break technology to keep out the cold. This can reduce your reliance on HVAC systems, cut down on your energy bills, and help the environment, all at once. So, if you want a solid, strong guardian to sit at the front of your home, blocking out cold, wind, and more, choose PINKYS.

Iron Doors Ideas for Your Seattle Property

With so many unique advantages over the competition, there can be no doubt that PINKYS is the premier choice for iron doors in Seattle. But, with such a broad selection of iron doors up for sale, you may not know which one to choose or where to begin. Let's look at some iron door ideas and inspiration to help you make your selection.

Double Modern Iron Doors

These days, double iron doors are rising in popularity, especially in big cities, like Seattle. Double doors, like PINKYS Bristol, are amazing additions to a home. They massively boost curb appeal, creating a grander, broader, and more sophisticated entryway to wow your guests or delight passers-by. They also provide additional space, handy for moving large items of furniture in and out.

Dutch or Pivot Doors for a Quirky Look

For something a little out-of-the-ordinary, you might like to consider Dutch or pivot iron doors. Dutch iron doors, like the Air 4, are split in two. The top section opens independently to the bottom, allowing you to improve airflow through your home on one of Seattle's sunnier days. Pivot doors, like the Knox, turn on hinges at the top and base, bridging the gap between outdoors and indoors in a fluid, seamless way.

Iron Doors with Thermal Break Technology for Maximum Efficiency

As stated earlier, PINKYS also produces iron doors fitted with thermal break technology. In simple terms, that means they have a special thermal break within the frame, filled up with insulating material. This helps to reduce heat loss through the door, making it much more efficient. So, if you're seeking a way to strengthen your home's sustainability score, thermal break iron doors could be the answer.

Order PINKYS Iron Doors for Your Seattle Home Today

There's no doubt that modern iron doors are the ideal choice for Seattle homeowners. Perhaps you're looking for a way to upgrade your home's facade. Maybe you want to add some value to your property, without investing in a huge, time-consuming renovation project. Or maybe one or more of your existing doors are looking a little tired, worn-down, and in need of replacement.

In any case, a new iron door is the way to go, and PINKYS is the provider to choose. Using nothing but the finest materials and processes in every iron door, we excel at delivering custom door designs to transform any property. A PINKYS wrought iron door won't just make your property look more appealing, it also brings long-lasting security, protection, convenience, peace of mind, and more.

Craftsmanship. Care. Passion. That's what PINKYS is all about. We pour heart and soul into every iron door we make, from the simplest models through to the grander and more elaborate door designs. So, no matter what sort of wrought iron door you're looking for, you can count on PINKYS to deliver. Take a look through our iron door range, or contact the team today to discuss iron door options in Seattle.

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