Luxury Iron Doors in Santa Barbara, California - Why Choose PINKYS for Wrought Iron Doors?

Set against the glorious Pacific Coast, with the stunning Santa Ynez Mountains as a backdrop, Santa Barbara is a wonderful place to live.

That's why you chose it.

And even when you go beyond the sumptuous scenery, the city is perfect for families. From its excellent public schools to UC Santa Barbara, which is among the top 50 American universities, the city has everything you could need.

All that's left is to transform your house into a home you can enjoy for years to come. And that transformation starts with its entrance. You want it to scream luxury - just as the environment around you communicates beauty - and the best way to do that is to install iron doors produced by PINKYS.

Five Reasons to Choose PINKYS' Custom Iron Doors

Why PINKYS in particular?

After all, there are many manufacturers that use iron products to create everything from simple single doors to grandiose double-entry doors. If that's the case, what sets PINKYS apart to the point where it should be your first choice when you're faced with multiple options?

We can think of five reasons - all compelling in their own rights - to choose PINKYS ahead of any other door manufacturer.

We Build Thermally Broken Doors

Santa Barbara is far from the hottest region in California - average temperatures in summer tend to land near 73 degrees Fahrenheit - but it's often still warm enough to require the use of air conditioning.

What does that have to do with your doors?

Most doors, especially iron ones, act as thermal bridges. That means that they transfer the heat from one area to another colder area due to conduction. In the case of your Santa Barbara home, that manifests as your door essentially sending warm air from outside into your home, heating the cooler air inside in the process.

PINKYS Air 4 Dutch single flat steel dutch door w/ sidelights, can used as entry doors, patio and french doors, back or side steel doors, and even as steel room dividers

The result:

Inconsistent temperatures that negatively impact your comfort levels.

That's where thermal breaking comes in.

The idea is to place an insulative layer between the area that has warm air and the one that you want to keep cool. In practice, we sandwich that insulative layer between two layers of iron - maintaining your door's gorgeous aesthetics in the process - to keep your home cool. Better yet, during those rarer instances when the mercury drops, the very same technology helps to keep heat inside your home.

PINKYS' doors use thermal breaking to ensure in-home comfort. But there's another reason why this technology is so vital...

Lower Your Energy Bills with Iron Entry Doors

Imagine that you have a double door in your entryway that's acting as a thermal bridge.

That bridge forces you to keep your air conditioning on at all hours because you can't rely on the cool air in your home to stay cool. The doors keep transferring heat into your home.

With PINKYS, that's no longer a problem.

The temperature stability that comes from our thermal breaking technology ensures you use your air conditioning - or heating - less than you would with a standard door. Ultimately, that leads to lower energy bills, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars per year.

We even deliver bonus energy efficiency benefits to those who order from our Air collection.

All of our Air range makes heavy use of glass - with iron serving as a framing material - which would typically make them an energy efficiency nightmare. Anticipating this, we manufacture this range with low-E glass, which uses a special insulative coating to reduce energy loss by between 30% and 50% more than a standard window.

Thermal breaking and low-E glass - it's a tag team of planet-saving power that also helps you keep your energy bills low.

Boost Curb Appeal for Your Home

Let's say that, for whatever reason, you decide to leave Santa Barbara. Even if that's not on the agenda right now, anything from a change in job to a simple desire to embrace new scenery could lead to you leaving.

And that means you need to sell your home.

As spectacular as your house may look once you're inside, it's the entrance that has the biggest impact on prospective new homeowners. Simply put - first impressions matter. And if your home doesn't have curb appeal, you'll find it harder to sell and even if you get an offer, you may receive less money than your home is worth.

The stats back this up.

Curb appeal - whether it's achieved through iron doors with intricate designs, landscaping, or a combination of the two - is very important to 79% of homebuyers. Better yet, those in the American Riviera – as Santa Barbara is also known - are willing to pay up to 7% more for that curb appeal.

Let's break down the numbers.

Santa Barbara's residential district is one of the most desirable in California, leading to average sale prices of $1.7 million. Add 7% to that - thanks to the curb appeal of your property - and you make an extra $117,000 thanks to your wrought iron entry doors delivering more curb appeal.

Align the Front Door Design With Your Iron Gates and Railings

Let's move away from money and home in style.

California is known for its minimalistic and contemporary aesthetic, which you'll see from Thousand Oaks to Los Angeles. Straight lines and geometric shapes are hallmarks of this look - and likely what you'll see when you look at your own home.

For all of the durability and security that iron doors bring to the table, it's the material's malleability that makes it truly special from an aesthetic standpoint.

Air 4 - Double Full Arch - Installation Bathroom

Your iron door installation can be made to match the straight lines elsewhere in your property, from the bars in your gate to the railings you have near pathways. You get alignment - in design and aesthetic - that makes your home look even more attractive.

Minimal Upkeep Compared to Wooden Doors

It's a misconception that wrought iron doors require absolutely no maintenance. As durable as iron is - and as high-quality as your door may be - it'll still require the occasional touch-up to keep it looking fresh and fabulous.

But those touch-ups are required far less frequently than they do for other materials, such as wood.

With wood, you have to worry about warping, especially in the heat. Paint can also be a problem, as it'll wear away over time and ultimately cost you more in upkeep - and possible replacements - than an iron door.

With iron, those problems are minimized - a quick application of PINKYS Iron Door Spray every so often is all you need to keep your iron doors in great condition.

Wrought Iron Door Heaven - Three PINKYS Doors Perfect for Santa Barbara Homes

You're almost ready to contact PINKYS to ask about our modern doors in Santa Barbara. And while we'd love to talk to you about our craftsmanship first-hand, we recommend slowing down just a little to do one thing:

Check out these three doors that we believe are perfect for buildings in Santa Barbara.

The Piano - A Wrought Iron Door with Elegant Charm

The mere mention of the word "piano" brings to mind classical music as you watch a talented musician tickling the ivories to their will. That's the spirit we aim to capture with The Piano - a gorgeous iron door with an ornamental scrollwork design placed on top of low-E glass. A stunning choice for those who love luxury.

The Story - A Wrought Iron Door Par Excellence

Your door doesn't just exist for safety or to protect your home. It tells a story about you and the environment that communicates who you are to whoever lays eyes on it. We followed that philosophy when creating The Story, which features intricate scrollwork that makes it stand apart from other doors in Santa Barbara.

The Air 4 Double Flat

Whether you're buying for business or pleasure, the Air collection is PINKYS' answer to your desire to have entry doors that mirror the Californian design aesthetic. Light and breezy in their design - with iron used to frame large light-delivering glass panels - there's no better door than the Air 4 Double Flat to open up your home's entryway.

Get Your Iron and Steel Doors From PINKYS

Air 4 Interior Barn Door from PINKYS

PINKYS doors are like windows into the Californian lifestyle that inspired their creation. And if any that you've seen here - or any you find in our collection - has inspired you to become one of our customers, we're always ready to talk. Call us at (844) 843-6677 or shoot a message to

Check Out Our Showroom for Iron Door Inspiration

Perhaps you'd like to see what a PINKYS iron door looks like in person before you buy.

Great! We'd love to welcome you to our showroom if what you see online isn't enough for you to make a decision. Just tell us you want to visit when you call or email us and we'll book some time to see you.

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