Pinky’s Iron Doors City Spotlight: Portland, Oregon

Pinky’s City Spotlight: Portland, Oregon    

Pinky’s Iron Doors is proud to offer our previously handcrafted luxury iron doors to fifty states nationwide. We are delighted to serve the residents of some of our favorite cities across the United States. Amongst some of our preferred destinations is Portland, Oregon. When visiting this absolutely beautiful city, one can’t help but to notice the relaxed and low-stress lifestyle of its inhabitants. Surrounded by organic splendor, Portland has a lot of culture and eye candy to offer and enjoy. Some things we adore about this awesome city include the infamous Saturday Market, the multitude of convenient bike trails, the countless trendy coffee shops around the city, and of course, the amount of amazing artwork you get to enjoy as you stroll (or pedal) through town.

Beyond the undeniable natural beauty and unique culture this city has to offer, we love Portland for its sustainability and eco-friendly living. According to the Huffington Post and countless other notable sources, Portland is one of the “greenest” cities in the United States. We appreciate the city’s efforts to save our planet and preserve its limited resources.

Our team members are creative, smart, iron door savvy, and have a whole lot of passion

At Pinky’s, we take sustainability seriously. Our commitment to providing superior quality iron doors coincides with our dedication to making sure our production and products are always energy efficient. We comply with city standards and pursue initiatives that allow our team to operate more efficiently by recycling all iron that is left over or unused.

Not only does Pinky’s provide the highest quality wrought iron doors, windows, hardware, and accessories, but our doors are also “green” for many reasons. Pinky’s iron doors are insulated with a polyurethane foam core that has been energy qualified. Our energy efficient doors are built to avoid air conditioning leaks in the summertime and heat in the winter. Our entire collection of iron door designs feature 5/8” dual pane tempered insulated Low-E glass. The dual sealing around the glass allows for weather stripping on both sides of the glass. At Pinky’s, we don’t cut corners even when it comes to sustainability. We choose the best glass available so that most of the sun’s energy that reaches the glass will either be reflected back to the environment, or absorbed.


Pinky’s iron doors are thermally broken using glazing tape or caulking between the glass. This is a factor of low thermal transmission that lessens the flow of thermal energy. Our iron doors ensure that the interior temperature of your home will be twenty degrees cooler with a thermal break than it would be with doors that are not thermally broken, even when receiving directs sunlight. Our threshold helps keep the door square in the opening and provides greater protection against water infiltration.

Sustainability is extremely important to the Pinky’s Iron Doors team. We always keep in mind that we are part of a larger community and strongly believe that taking environmental responsibility should never be put on the backburner.  Along with consistently providing superior quality products and exceptional customer service, we take pride in our constant efforts to stay green and continue to become even more energy efficient and environmentally friendly in the future.

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