The Perfect Wine Bottle Pairings For Wrought Iron Wine Cellar Doors

Looking to introduce that vintage wine collection with style? 

Efficient and elegant wrought iron wine cellar doors from Pinky’s Iron Doors are perfect for adding to the aesthetic of a cellar and functionally protecting a true wine lovers' age-old collection. 

If stored improperly, a bottle of fine wine can easily lose its value. A custom wine cellar door does not only impress guests but adds value and elegance to a homes interior space — wine cellar door’s are necessary to ensure all storage conditions are maintained in a climate-controlled wine room.

Pinky’s wrought iron wine cellar doors run the gambit between various old world and modern styles, each unique in it’s own spectacular and alluring way. 

Here are some of the most popular wrought iron wine cellar doors offered by Pinky’s Iron Doors. 


1.) San Francisco Wine Cellar Door

The San Francisco wine cellar door takes inspiration from old age designs from the Spanish and Tuscan style doors at the for front of buildings and cathedrals during the renaissance. 

Spanish style utilized studs with hundreds of hand-forged iron clavos or nails. Tuscan style was inspired by the hills of Italy, the doors were of great beauty, characterized by rectangular panels filled with bas-reliefs in which scripture subjects are illustrated with innumerable figures.

As the San Francisco wine cellar door is Spanish inspired, it’s only fitting to pair it with a vintage wine from Spain. This particular wine was created from Spain’s most popular varietal — Tinto De Toro, otherwise known as Tempranillo. 

Sierra Cantabria Teso La Monja Toro

This is the seventh most popular wine from Toro and the second highest-priced red wine from Castilla y Leon. The price has steadily risen over the past two years.

This wine emulates the pure expression of Tinta de Toro with elegance, freshness and complexity. From pre phylloxera vines aged between 45 and a hundred years. Fruit driven with clean aromas of violets, sweet white pepper spice and slight minerality from the soil from which it is grown. The tannins are ripe but glossy, making this wine incredibly easy to drink.


2.) Queensway Wine Cellar Door 

This door, similar to the San Francisco wine cellar door, takes inspiration from the Gothic renaissance period. This era mainly emulated the design from stein glass work in chapels and cathedrals, using light and color to create elegant masterpieces and a pleasing ambiance. Michelangelo described doors of the renaissance era as “gates to paradise”. 

While this design is relatively simple, the Queensway wine cellar door definitely makes a strong statement. A raised kick plate with ornate design give the bottom portion of the door character, and the criss-cross pattern met with rivets in the ironwork provides an appealing symmetric pattern to this iron entry door. This door comes standard with a fully operable and locking glass set right behind this symmetric iron work. 

As the Gothic era originated in 12-century France, we’ll spotlight a French wine made from one of their favorite and most widely grown varietals — Merlot. 

Petrus, Pomeral, Bordeaux 1982

From Barolo to Bordeaux, this wine is steeped in tradition. The style of Petrus is unique. It can be the most aromatically complex wine of Pomerol, filled with spice, coffee, cinnamon, chocolate, plums, dark cherries, truffles, wet earth and fresh flowers. 

In the best vintages, the texture is other worldly. It has a richness and viscosity, as well as silk and velvet feel that no other Bordeaux wine can offer.
Average price per bottle is an eye-watering £2,106 before tax

3.) June Wine Full-Arch Cellar Door 

Crafted with an elegant grapevine design, this door is reminiscent to walking into the garden of Eden, or in your case, a timeless wine cellar collection. Made from only the best wrought iron material’s. This door is hand crafted to perfection — it is the quintessential entry door for protecting and introducing that age-old wine collection. 

The door is called the “June Wine” so it’s only proper to pair this door with a wine who’s clusters appear during June bloom — Cabernet Sauvignon.  

1985 Spottswoode Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is the king of all wines. Spottswoode Cabernet is one of the Napa Valley’s benchmark wines and was picked as a Wine Spectator wine of the year in 1988. 

Dark ruby with more purple in the color, a nice layered attack with licorice, cedar wood, tobacco leaf and black and red currants, the wine has terrific aromatics and is by far the most perfumed of the first four vintages. Still some fruit left, as well as a brown sugar sweetness, with strong juicy acidity and firm tannin's keeping the wine alive.

Pinky’s Iron Door’s specializes in custom wrought iron cellar doors expertly designed to protect a wine collection in various ways. Our doors are designed with both weatherstripping and an automatic door bottom to maintain an optimal wine storage environment.

Weatherstrips line the top and sides of the doors, creating an airtight seal that protects an interior from outside elements and keeps your wine safe from an unsure outside environment.

Our wrought iron wine cellar doors also come standard with an automatic door bottom. This incorporation to the wine cellar door essentially creates a seal between the floor and the door. The automatic door bottom lowers when closed and retracts when opened — eliminating floor drag or damage while maintaining the delicate environment within a wine cellar.

Choose from our in-stock wine cellar doors with handles, or custom design a “made for you” wine cellar iron door to compliment that age-old collection of yours. Either way, a modern wine cellar door is sure to make your collection that much sweeter.

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