Pinky’s Iron Doors City Spotlight: Bar Nunn, Wyoming

Most people can say they've had airplane food, but how many can say they've eaten at an actual airplane hangar? Bar Nunn is one of those unique yet obscure small towns with a fascinating origin and history.

We’re in love with the clean, angular layout this town follows, similar to our steel and iron doors, which perfectly compliment the homes here. Made on what was once an airfield, Bar Nunn's streets were once runways and saw many a plane take flight until 1952.


As a town of just over 2,700 people, it’s still a small place , but don’t be fooled by its size. It’s still one of the most incredible destinations to live in, raise a family, and own a business.

For many locals, the cost of living and owning property is one of the biggest upsides to settling here. The town is largely supported by different types of mining industries and endeavors, making it incredibly prosperous for those who want to venture in.

Of course, seeing the industrial nature, spirit of homeownership, and support for the local economy, Pinky's Iron Doors can't help but branch out here. We're offering our best quality iron doors and steel doors across Bar Nunn.


We also have some of the best quality commercial doors and sliders, including interior room dividers that you can use in your office or workplace for easy use, privacy, and professionalism.

Another option that’s perfect for the overall climate and weather of Bar Nunn is our collection of thermally broken cold weather doors. Although they’re typically made to order, they’re also an excellent choice for regulating internal temperatures and keeping your home from getting exceptionally cold during the winter. You can find some of our most popular options and learn more information about them here.

We’re obsessed with the incredible layout, architecture, and uniqueness this town offers, which bears a likeness to our wonderful range of interior steel doors, patio doors, and the general design that is channeled by our factory-style metal windows and doors. These styles are minimalist, modern, yet simultaneously rustic and perfect for homes in towns like Bar Nunn, where everything seems to follow symmetry, leading lines, and grids.

If you have any concerns or would like recommendations, reach out to us, and we'd love to help you!

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