Pinky’s Iron Doors City Spotlight: Kemmerer, Wyoming

With sprawling mountain ranges, railroads, and a rich history, Kemmerer is one of Wyoming's most beautiful destinations to live in. Bootlegging, historic trails, coal mines, and so much more are tied to this progressive town. And you’ll even find both historical and contemporary touches here.

What started as an almost industrial town that was known for its rich coal mining potential is now home to over 2,700 residents who have built a life and community here. With unparalleled history and the potential for progress and growth, it's a great place to settle in.


If you're one of the people who call this marvelous town your home, you're lucky. We're doing our best to help locals beautify their houses and properties, whether you’ve got an apartment, a ranch, or a historical house in the region.

As the largest city and the county seat of Lincoln County, it's one of the most affluent towns in the area, and residents here deserve nothing but the best quality interior steel doors, metal sliding doors, and steel barn doors for their homes.

Your home will look classy, well-designed, and well-maintained without being distractingly loud or brash. We bring you some of the best entry and front doors in Kemmerer, which are perfectly suited to the overall look and feel of the town.


Our doors are both minimalist and modern, but also borrow heavily from industrial aesthetics. And what better place to channel industrial-rustic-chic than one of the most formidable industrial towns in the U.S.?

Not only are our factory-style steel doors perfect for the general air of industrial progress and loaded history, but they’re also an excellent choice for homeowners who’d like to enjoy the views surrounding them.

After all, Kemmerer is surrounded by rich national parks and all sorts of incredible greenery, and landscapes, including the Fossil Butte national monument. Enjoy the view from your interior and exterior steel doors with glass for unobstructed views that don’t compromise on your privacy.

Given the often cold weather, we also recommend our amazing thermally broken iron doors in Kemmerer for maximum protection and comfort. These specially designed doors will help regulate internal temperatures and prevent them from dropping too low. Your home will be toasty, cozy, and warm with these doors added on!

If you’re a resident of Kemmerer, WY, reach out to us today and let us help you pick out the perfect doors for your property.

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