Pinky’s Iron Doors City Spotlights – Cedar Rapids

Though it’s the second-largest city in the state of Iowa, Cedar Rapids is second-to-none when it comes to corn processing. The City of Five Seasons is the largest corn-processing city in the world.

Cedar Rapids is also known for its massive manufacturing industry, as well as its prominence in the bioprocessing and food ingredient sectors.

What You Should Know About Cedar Rapids

1. Masters of Manufacturing

The city has an area of 186.7 km² and is home to nearly 300 different manufacturing plants.

2. Big on Business

No less than 2 dozen Fortune 500 companies are based in Cedar Rapids, including General Mills, Cargill, Collins Aerospace, and Nordstrom.

3. A Thriving Arts and Culture Scene

The Paramount Theatre, the Cedar Rapids Opera Theatre, and the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art are just a few of the city’s many arts and cultural attractions.

4. Architectural History

The city is also home to Brucemore, an iconic 26-acre estate that’s the only National Trust Historic Site in all of Iowa.

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