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Founded in 1836, the city of Davenport sits next to the Mississippi River.

It has a well-earned reputation for being a green and outdoorsy city, thanks to its 50 local parks and plentiful outdoor festivals. The parks provide ample space for both natives and visitors to enjoy biking and walking.

The city has a notable art and culture scene, with plenty of history and — wait for it — its very own island.

Things to Know About Davenport

1. Middle Ground

The city of Davenport is almost halfway between the major cities of Chicago and Des Moines.

As a border city, only the River Mississippi separates it from Illinois.

2. Landmarks Galore

The Modern Woodmen Park, the Figge Art Museum, the Davenport Public Library, the Putnam Museum, and the Davenport Skybridge are all must-see locations in the city.

3. Somber History

Davenport is also the location of the Iowa Soldiers’ Orphans’ Home. After the Civil War, the Home took in homeless and orphaned children from every county in Iowa.

4. Cultural Attractions

The German American Heritage Center and The Quad City Symphony Orchestra are major draws for people interested in Davenport’s cultural scene.

5. A City with An Island

Davenport is also home to Credit Island, which used to be a Native American trading post.

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