Pinky’s Iron Doors City Spotlights – Des Moines, IA

The Iowa State Capitol in Des Moines

Des Moines replaced Iowa City as the capital of Iowa in 1857, thanks to its geographical location near the center of the state.

Today, Des Moines is also one of the most important centers of the United States insurance industry. Moreover, the city is also highly significant when it comes to finance, technology, and national politics.

What to Know About Des Moines, IA

1. Politics and Power

As the venue for the first caucus of the presidential primary elections, Des Moines continues to be the center of attention when it comes to American politics.

Presidential candidates acknowledge the city’s political value by campaigning extensively here, with some even choosing it as their campaign’s base for operations.

2. Technological Impact

The city of Des Moines is a hotspot for tech giants.

Facebook has invested over a billion dollars since 2013 to build 5 data centers in Altoona, a small city that’s part of the Des Moines metropolitan area.

Microsoft, too, has made Des Moines part of its future plans. In October 2020, the company announced the construction of 2 more data centers in West Des Moines, bringing its number of data centers to 5.

3. Skywalk This Way

Blending convenience and comfort, the skywalk is a climate-controlled network of overhead walkways that links one building to another in a 4-mile area.

Whether it’s summer or a harsh Iowan winter, you can use the skywalks to easily explore the downtown Des Moines area on foot.

Pinky’s Iron Doors and Des Moines — Hartford of the East Meets Iron of the West

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Wrought Iron Doors in Des Moines

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Black Steel Doors in Des Moines

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Interior Doors in Des Moines

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Cold Weather Doors in Des Moines

With the Des Moineswinter temperatures ranging from 13° to 18° F, our thermally broken cold weather doors in Des Moines are a sensible choice to keep your home warm.

An overhead shot of the 801 Grand skyscraper in downtown Des Moines

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