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As one of the fastest-growing towns in Allen County in the northeastern part of Indiana, Huntertown is where most couples aspire to start a family and build a life. Since 2000, there has been an exponential increase in the population size, which is a testament to the growing popularity, appeal, and opportunities in this area. Today, most families moving to Huntertown come from urban cities like Fort Wayne, searching for the peace and calm of suburban life. But that’s not all that the area offers. Huntertown has a rich history starting from the days when it was called The Opening. The town was named after the geographical location of the town, which was a clearing in the forest.

Huntertown was (and is) every bit as idyllic and scenic as it sounds. But in order to evolve with the changing times, the region has upgraded and modernized to adapt to contemporary needs to provide a comfortable life for the residents. Staying true to its old-world, mystical charm, the township has grown into a suburban city with homes that are now designed with a fusion of classic and contemporary designs.

The moody weather comprising a fair mix of cloudy skies, warm summers, windy winters, snow, and rainy days allows locals to get a taste of everything. However, the weather doesn’t remain monotonous all year round, and the winds that change every season are another reason that families move here. However beautiful and comfortable it is to live in Huntertown, residents need to prepare their homes for every season in style. And that’s where Pinky’s Iron Doors comes in.


The team of seasoned designers at Pinky’s Iron Doors is committed to delivering quality and style within your budget. We specialize in iron entry doors and steel interior doors to give your home interiors a much-needed renovation to keep up with changing trends. We have all kinds of doors, from sliding patio doors to dutch doors and cold weather doors, so that your winters are as pleasant as your summer days.

If you’re into minimalist home designs, our French doors will definitely steal your heart. We have a range of classic French-style door fixtures for all Huntertown homes. From single-panel entry doors to double-paneled arched styles, we give your home entrance a look of class and finesse with minimal materials. The wrought-iron doors are one of our best-selling products because they never fail to gel in with the rest of your home interiors while preserving the small-town charms of a Huntertown home. Functionality, durability, and value for money trump everything, and we make sure to offer that and more (never less) for the trust and time you invest in us.

If you live in Huntertown and are looking for entry doors, front doors, steel interior doors, patio doors, or sliding doors in Huntertown, Indiana, we’d be honored to show you all you can do with your home with our décor style guide.

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