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Located northwest of Hancock County, south of Geist Reservoir, and sharing borders with Fishers, Indianapolis, Lawrence, and Geist, McCordsville is growing at an unimaginable place in Indiana. Home to a community of more than 9000 residents, the second-largest municipality in Hancock County, this place is growing both in size and scope simultaneously. The suburban town is beginning to grow in the shadows of the bordering cities and inspired by their urban hustle-bustle, offering a range of residential and commercial avenues for growth to the community.

This township is ranked among the upper quartiles of the Diversity Index, welcoming all Hispanic and non-Hispanic families to move in and build a life for themselves here. If you’re looking for a place to grow your roots, this town is it. It offers the best of both worlds in terms of the rural appeal of quaint towns and the amenities of living abreast with thriving big cities.

Families living in McCordsville are part present in the charming downtown and part in the Circle City since mobility to and from this township to cities beyond is seamless.



Since most residents own homes, they’re eager to set them up in their own unique style to give them a homely appeal. The team of interior designers at Pinky’s Iron Doors is committed to offering the residents a wide range of iron entry doors and steel interior doors to accessorize their home interiors with modern charms. From sliding patio doors to dutch doors and cold weather doors, we offer everything you’ll possibly need to render the many entry points within and outside your house with a contemporary appeal.

Our front doors are designed in a minimalist French-door style to echo the calling of the modern world but can also be switched for a classic look for your main entrance, true to the spirit of this small town. The wrought-iron doors complete the aesthetic appearance of your house just the way you like it. We neither compromise on style nor functionality, so rest assured that the door installations you buy from us will be the best investment in your home design.

We know what the locals of McCordsville are looking for, and we’re here to amaze them with something better than what you expect. If you’re looking for entry doors, front doors, patio doors, interior doors, or sliding doors in McCordsville, Indiana, come to us, and we’d be happy to show you how much better your home space could look with our installations.

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