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If 9,000 people have chosen to call Whitestown their hometown, that says something about how welcoming, safe, and diverse this community is. Situated near Interstate-65, Whitestown is half an hour from downtown Indianapolis, a burgeoning urban center boasting off all new-world urban charms. But those who have lived in populous big cities know all too well that it’s not always peaceful or safe to live in a metropolis. That’s why moving 30 minutes away from Indianapolis allows you to enjoy the quiet, suburban place without giving up the luxuries of the big city.

We know it all too well that despite the noise, pollution, accidents, and crimes, city life offers much more mobility, career prospects, modern facilities, proximity to airports, and a lot more. But those wane in comparison to the sweet charms of birds chirping, trees swaying and the summer sun smiling upon family units strung together in intimate neighborhoods without the cacophony of honking cars or buzzing engines. That’s what life in Whitestown offers.

Whitestown is a town in Worth Township in Boone County, offering a safe life to all residents who can freely live while enjoying their lives to the fullest. The history of its founding dates back to 1851, when the town came into being upon the development of the railroad on its premises. The town had its first post office in 1853, which is one of the earliest landmarks in the town. You’ll have the chance to explore many other places in the area when you move into your own beautiful Whitestown home, and we’re here to see you cut the ribbon.


Pinky’s Iron Doors is homeowner’s go-to door guide for modern homes to give their entrances a contemporary makeover. We value the needs and wishes of our clients and make sure you feel valued and at home with us. We’re positive that you’ll find something for your front entrance and rooms in our full range of entry doors, front doors, patio doors, sliding doors, dutch doors, and French doors. We cover all sizes of doorways, styles, and purposes and also customize our designs for you. If you choose to get your front door from us, we’ll make sure we make the deal worth your while in every way possible.

From modern minimalism or vintage grandeur, we have door designs ranging over the entire style spectrum. Check out our French entry doors and steel interior doors, and let us know what you feel would work best in your Whitestown home.

Our team will handle the rest; all you have to do is pick the wrought-iron entry doors that you prefer for your new house. If you’re worried about climate changes, we offer cold weather doors as well, so we’ve got you covered all year round.

Give your Whitestown house the style upgrade it deserves today with us!

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