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Bespoke and Premade Iron Entry Doors and Steel Doors in Andover, Kansas
Enhance The Natural Beauty Of Your Home With Our Modern Iron Doors And Steel Interior Doors In Andover, KS.


While the city was named for other towns in the USA and England, Andover in Kansas has its own unique culture. The peaceful town is an ideal place to be in for people who love to enjoy a serene life. The tightly-knit communities in Andover make living here the stuff of dreams, while the robust school district makes it perfect for families to put down roots.

Whether you live in a luxury villa or an All-American modern family home, your house in Andover has endless potential with Pinky’s Iron Doors products by your side. Our iron entry doors and interior steel doors can spruce up and transform any home, large or small. Take the first step to transform your home into a stylish and comfortable safe haven for you and your family with our iron and steel doors.

With the most visible element of any home being its front door, you’re probably looking for a set that symbolizes elegance, warmth, and strength all in one package. Our iron entry doors in Andover homes are the ultimate addition to your entryway.


You’re free to choose between unlimited premade designs made with premium material and expert craftsmanship. Your traditional vision will be complete with our classic wrought iron entry doors reminiscent of the industrial design, while a more minimalistic home would look perfect with our modern iron doors collection. Whatever your design vision, our iron doors can fulfill it.

Your interior doesn’t have to skip out either! We have endless options for interior doors in Andover with our steel doors collection. Patio doors, wine cellar doors, sliding doors, and French doors are just some of the many steel door types we stock. With so much room for customizations in our premade designs, your Andover steel door fitted home will feel like a dream house.

However, if our premade designs don’t strike your fancy, our artisans can create a bespoke iron door or steel door just for you. Our collaborative design process ensures that the custom iron and steel doors for your Andover home will look exactly like what you imagined.

Our team members are pros at tailoring the dimensions, panels, pickets, colors, pattern, and even form to ensure you’re satisfied with your custom iron door or steel doors and windows in Andover.

At Pinky’s Iron Doors, we offer every client time, energy, and dedicated focus — which is why we’re the perfect steel and iron doors partner you could want.

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