Pros of Getting Wrought Iron Doors vs. Wooden Doors


Two of the most popular door choices among homeowners are wood and wrought iron doors. While both door materials have their set of pros and cons, it's safe to say wrought iron doors are worth the investment, thanks to their vast range of advantages.

Read on to learn how wrought iron doors have an edge over wooden doors.

Energy Efficiency

Insulation is an essential factor in all doors. It determines how energy efficient a door can be if it's weather-resistant. Door materials like wood and wrought iron have different insulation functions.

While wooden doors are better during the summers, they're not necessarily energy-efficient during winters. On the other hand, door manufacturers build iron doors to promote energy efficiency in mind. These doors keep the houses cool and warm according to the desired home temperature and the weather outside, making it easier for homeowners to cut down on energy bills.

Most modern iron doors are foam insulated to keep a house's indoors at the preferred temperature regardless of how hot or cold it is outside.


Style & Curb Appeal

Iron and wood significantly vary in improving a house's curb appeal and choosing versatile door styles. Wooden doors can indeed be excellent when you're looking to achieve a distressed home interior look with intricately carved doors. You may also find wooden door styles in various panels and angular shapes. However, iron doors have an edge over wooden doors due to their modern aesthetic appeal.

Apart from their simplicity and angular styles, iron doors are perfect when you want to incorporate doors with curved shapes and scrollwork into your home. In other words, if you have a fancy house, a wrought iron entryway is your best bet to go about it.

Furthermore, the styles offered by iron doors are a significant indicator of wealth and status. As a result, they'll immediately make your home stand out in the neighborhood.

Moderate Maintenance & Up-Keep

Door maintenance requirements are a critical factor to consider when purchasing an interior door or front door. It determines the additional amount of money you'll have to spend on the door's upkeep after investing in the door. Therefore, it's safe to say that an iron door is the best choice over wooden doors when you're looking for something that won't bother you with regular maintenance and repairs.

Wooden doors, despite being beautiful, require frequent maintenance and are subject to swelling and rotting due to moisture and other climate changes. On the other hand, luxury iron doors are perfect because they don't require continual upkeep and aren't subject to rotting, swelling, or splitting.

Furthermore, they're perfectly resistant to all weather conditions. You may experience some scratches and dents in them due to aging, but those can be taken care of quite easily.


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