Tips for Refurbishing your House with Iron Doors for Sale

Whether you’re looking to renovate your house to increase property value or add some installations that provide comfort and improve its aesthetics, your best options happen to be iron doors. They’re commonly sought-after by home buyers, offering a minimalist design with much functionality. Here’s what your options are:


Single Flat Patio Door

If you’ve got limited space in your home and looking to make the most out of the space heading towards your backyard, your best bet is using a patio door. It has a sturdy iron frame that’s large, providing it with the rigidity you need. It also has adequate glass panels to let light inside, enough to illuminate the place throughout the day with natural light alone.

These come with an easy-to-adjust lever to close and shut, plus you can always opt for a separate lock to increase security.

Double Flat Patio Door

The double flat patio door takes the concept of the single flat patio door, adding two doors on separate hinges. If you’ve got the extra area around your backyard and you want to use it properly, the double flat patio door is a no-brainer. Expect extra brightness with all the lighting the glass panels allow into your home.

Despite being larger, they’re still catering to the minimalist design for a clean aesthetic for your home, with a sleek metal frame along with the glass panels yet thicker around the edges.


Single Arch Doors

While the flat designs have been the most popular ones, times are changing as more people are shifting towards arched designs. The mini arch is the best option for smaller designs with minimal arc, with the top of the frame being slightly arched so that it doesn’t look too extreme.

For those that wish for a cleaner curve around the top, the full arch design is the best option with a clean, uniform finish that’s symmetrical on both sides. These doors will go excellently in any part of the house.

Single Dutch Doors

Dutch doors are extremely popular among those that have kids or pets. These are essentially a single frame with two halves that you can operate separately. Easily let your pets and kids wander on their own, not requiring your assistance every time they feel like frolicking around your property. Simply open the bottom half of the door and be on your way.

They’re a great way of increasing property value, especially as homeowners might be impressed by having such utility focused installations in your house.

At Pinky’s Iron Doors, we carry an ensemble of installations that can help raise your property’s aesthetic as well as value on the market. Our collection of patio doors, sliding doors, wine cellar doors, and steel front doors, along with other accessories are available for your next remodeling project at Pinky’s Iron Doors.

Our business also develops custom doors and windows, so you can make your home look truly special. We provide convenient shipping across the United States, making access to our products easier than ever.  


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