Quirky Interior Steel Door Additions for Your Modern Home

As a modern person living in a modern time, it’s important that your home reflect those characteristics. Not only will you feel more at home but having some updated interior design features can add value to your home if you ever decide to sell.

Changing a home’s floor plan is hard, and most other major additions require a large budget. However, doors are an easily replaceable and they’re one of the most prominent parts of any house. That’s why investing in some contemporary iron doors can really perk a space up!

Here are some unique kinds of interior doors you can add to your home.

Extreme Open Spaces: Bi-Fold/Accordion Doors

These doors work best when you have a patio space. Bi-fold and accordion doors are variations of iron French doors, as they provide the same kind of huge opening from a living room out into the patio or backyard.

However, what’s special about them is that these doors function kind of like curtains. As pictured here, you can unlatch them and slide them back to have them fold into one other like pleats. This not only takes less space than traditional steel French doors, but it also looks visually intriguing.

Rustic Meets Modern: Barn Doors

What do you think when you hear barn doors? You’re probably thinking rustic wooden doors with a top sliding mechanism. You’re not entirely off the mark, since our barn doors do have a sliding mechanism like usual barn doors.

However, these interior doors are made of the most minimalistic steel and glass, thus fusing the modern with a rustic mechanism. These doors slide open and closed easily, thus taking less space than a door that swings open. As our innovation on usual steel sliding doors, these ones are a crowd favorite.

Sleek Movements: Pivot Doors

Pivot doors symbolize the kind of mobility and fluidity that modernity epitomizes. Pivot doors are named after their distinct lack of hinges. Instead all that’s visible is a plain steel frame and a wide plain door.

These doors are a dream to use, as they swing open smoothly and without much effort from the user. Perfect for a home office or library; these black steel doors are the ultimate step up from traditional doors.

The Ultimate Modern Range: Air Series

Our Air collection spans a range of different kinds of doors and accessories across categories. What’s so special about them? Developed with the modern client in mind, our Air series embodies its name truly — these doors are as lightweight and minimal as it gets. 

From pocket steel doors to factory-style steel doors, our Air series encompasses all the different kinds of iron doors we produce. After all, Air isn’t just a product: it’s a principle. 

Browse through our endless range of modern iron doors for the perfect kind for your home and exterior steel windows that accompany them perfectly!

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