Why Metal Doors Fare Better in The Long Run

When installing new doors at your home, the choice comes down to this: steel, iron, wood or something else? Most homeowners admire doors that are long-lasting, require minimal maintenance and can withstand harsh conditions. While wood and fiberglass doors are good options to enhance your home’s curb appeal, only iron and steel doors fulfil these stringent criteria.

Independent third-party testers and trader literature has found that due to their robust physical properties, steel and iron doors are sturdier than other products made of wood and fiberglass. Here are some other impressive qualities of metal doors:


Due to their natural strength, iron and steel entry doors are among the best outfits to enhance your home’s security. As opposed to fiberglass and wood that can break easily under pressure, iron and steel doors ward off burglars and intruders with their rigid design and high-security features. They also work as a visual deterrent which means that criminals usually avoid breaking into a home with a metal door because they know it’d take too long and be very noisy.

Fire ratings

While all other doors made of standard material can last for just 90 minutes during a fire breakout, steel doors have an excellent 3-hour fire-resistance rating. Thus, by installing steel outfits at your home, you can ensure that your family stays safe during a fire breakout until help arrives.

Require fewer repairs

In a swing cycle test, steel doors withstood up to 10 million swings open and shut whereas, wooden doors couldn’t even reach 1 million. This highlights the highly durable nature of metal doors, which can stand the test of time and requires fewer repairs than other standard doors. It’s due to this feature that metal doors take the lowest cost to repair offering you great a return on investment.


Sound reduction

If you don’t want the outdoor noise to enter your home, insulated metal doors the perfect fit. Thermally broken iron doors are known to retain the temperature inside the building while reducing sound transfer. In the long run, wrought iron entry doors and thermally broken iron doors can reduce your energy bills while ensuring that your indoor comfort remains optimal.

Protects during storms and tornadoes

Steel is the only door material to pass the FEMA 361 tornado test. This means that their natural ability to withstand abuse allows steel doors to protect against harsh weather conditions. Due to their sturdy built and resistance, metal doors can last up to a good 30 years! This is the best long term value for doors and frames offered in the doors’ industry.

Customize according to your taste

Apart from all the practical features of metal doors, steel and iron doors also allow you to customize them to your liking. The endless options for a customized, attractive appearance include sleek and stylish modern steel doors, steel sliding doors, pocket steel doors, iron patio doors, black steel French doors and faux finish to resemble wooden doors.

If you’re looking for high-performance customized steel doors at affordable rates, reach out to Pinky’s Iron Doors. We offer iron doors, thermally broken iron door, steel sliding doors, pocket steel doors, bi-fold accordion doors, and black steel French doors at fantastic rates. 

For quick and efficient door maintenance, we also provide door accessories, including iron door spray, transoms, sidelights and merchandise.


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