Raise the Value of Your Home in Houston with These 5 Remodeling Tips

Houston is lauded for its Spaceport development. As a hub for innovation and cooperative work to find solutions, this city continues to improve. Houston is growing, and citizens are expected to rediscover this city to enjoy what it offers.

From space to medicine to energy and housing, this city is at the forefront of it all. As a property owner in Houston, you can remodel your home to raise its value. Home remodeling is one expense that can turn into a long-haul investment.

Whether you plan to attract buyers or raise the aesthetic appeal of your house, these tips can revitalize your home. You can go easy on your wallet with minor renovations, or spend more bucks on replacing doors and windows, paint, and adding accessories to elevate curb appeal.

Let’s begin with minor renovations:

5 Minimal Renovations to Remodel Your Houston Home

1. Consult A Pro

Before you start the renovation, make sure you do your homework. The best way to start your research is by talking to an expert. They’ll guide you about renovation ideas, tips, and what’s new.

Experienced realtors and home décor designers can inspect your home and personalize the ideas depending on where in Houston your home sits and what improvements are needed.

2. Paint Your Own Picture

Take renovation as a canvas to paint a picture. Repaint your walls to revitalize them or have them recoated for a fresh look. Wall-painting is cost-effective yet a quick way to revamp your house.

Surprisingly, repainting doesn’t require hiring a pro painter. You can take on this project with the family. This will personalize your home, and you can pick a color scheme that you like.

We’d suggest considering neutral colors if your house has limited space. Neutral hues can add a spacious and bright look to your house.

3. Go Green

Another cost-effective way to revamp your house is by adding plants. The thing about plants is that you can add them in front of your entry door or keep them indoors. Plants have a soothing effect that adds a welcoming vibe to your house.

You can be eco-friendly and use natural cooling agents for your home as a plus point. Plants are a two-in-one solution to home renovation.

4. Mow Your Lawn

If your house has a lawn, it’s important to pay attention to it. Cut large bushes and patchy areas to make your exterior presentable. Unmade and tacky lawns speak volumes about a homeowner.

Renovating a lawn is an easier and cheaper way to enhance your house's curb appeal. All you need is some basic know-how of gardening tools and plants, and you’re good to go.

5. Revamp Entryway

Your entryway sets the curb appeal of your home. Without this, you can’t increase the value of your house and make it presentable to potential buyers. Ensure that your entrance is neat and stylish.

Redo Entryway with Pinky’s Iron Doors Top Picks

While many of us are not over with 2019 yet, the world is ready to embrace 2022 with arms wide open. This is the perfect time to commit to a beautiful distraction. Are you looking for inspiration? Our top iron door picks can raise the value of your Houston house.

Pivot Doors

With a touch of sophistication and glamor, pivot front doors have been the talk of the town lately. These luxe doors can give your entryway a more inviting and compelling appearance. Custom pivot doors will allow you to experiment with a unique color scheme to enhance your house's curb appeal.

If you’re unsure about which shade is perfect for your house, pick darker tones to add dimension and depth to your home’s exterior. You can find plenty of reasons as to why pivot doors can enhance the value of your house.

Modern Iron Doors

Elegant. Minimal. Versatile. These are the three adjectives to describe modern iron front doors. Modern right iron doors are widely adored by homeowners because of their minimal touch with a splash of pizzazz.

Invest in a double iron or single iron front door based on the design aesthetic, shape, and size of your interior décor and entryway. You can add accessories to beautify your front door with a flower wreath, plants, or other hardware of your choice.

Iron French Doors

Our geometric iron French doors can add structure to the house. Their sleek square panes can accentuate your entryway and set your home apart in the neighborhood. You can elevate pair of geometric French doors with the initials of your family name for a more homely feeling.

Recommended Read: Reasons to Invest in French Doors.

Full Arch Steel Doors

If there’s one thing that says “vintage and classy,” it’s steel doors with full arch. Arched doors have a different aesthetic appeal to them. The curvy edges of these beautiful doors can accentuate your entryway and raise the value of your home.

A double full-arch steel front door can be a gorgeous addition to your entrance. Hang potted plants for the final touch, or keep an outdoor rug to transform your front door.

Go Dutch with Dutch Front Doors

Eye-catching Dutch doors are hands down the most versatile and unique doors. The center split allows your house to breathe in some fresh air with the top half of the door. Want to let your pet in? Open the bottom half.

Dutch doors are a functional, practical, and most stylish way to enhance the value of your house. Look at the benefits of investing in Dutch doors for your Houston home.

Have you decided which front door you’ll invest in? If not, Pinky’s Iron Doors can help you pick one, depending on your home’s architectural style. We offer a customization option so that you can add a signature personal touch to your front door.

Visit our store to explore our collection of iron front doors, steel entry doors, pivot doors, Dutch doors, and French doors, among many others. Contact us to get more details or sign up for our newsletter for design inspirations.


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