Remodeling Your Home? Elevate Its Aesthetic With These Elegant Passage Doors

Remodeling your home is always exciting!

After all, seeing the same furniture, arrangements, and theme can get old on the eyes after a few years. There comes a time when you need a little change.

It also allows you to add more flexibility and functionality to your home, which, in turn, can supercharge the value of your property.

So whether it’s the fact that you’re bored with how drab your house looks or you want to increase its value so you can list it, don’t remember a really important element.

The interior doors!

Here are some of our most popular passage doors that can give your home’s interior a makeover.

The Air 4 Interior Double Full Arch

Whether you’re going to open these into the wardrobe or your living room, the Air 4 interior double full arch door make their presence known.

With an elegant wrought iron frame and glass sectioning, the door acts as a statement décor element, hiding nothing about the exquisite interior design of the rooms it’s separating.

With around ten choices of glass, and color choices including oil rubbed bronze, heavy bronze, silver pewter, black, and pewter, you can easily tailor it to suit the overall theme of your house.

The Air 5 Interior Single Flat

Elegant Passage Doors

Going for a modern, clean look? Looking for a door with a clean, symmetrical cut to connect your main passage with your living room?

Look no further than the Air 5 interior single flat. The door brings simplicity together with elegance in a contemporary medley.

The Air 5 single flat won’t take up much space, will maintain the modern aesthetic of the room, and will offer a clean aesthetics with its highly customizable nature.

Look through to the other end of the passage with the clear Low-E glass, or establish a sense of privacy with frosted glass.

Add a look of luxury by going black or match it with your furniture with a heavy bronze—the door has something to offer to every room and every design.

The Air 4 Interior Single Full Arch

Elegant Passage Doors

Think your home interior could benefit from an arch, but you don’t want to go overboard with full arching double doors? The Air 4 Interior Single Full Arch may be worth considering in this case.

The single leaf provides the necessary subtlety for small corners, but it’s still elegant enough to light up a dull corner.

As a final word of advice, when planning to remodel your home interior, make sure to keep the doors in mind from the get-go so you can blend them in with the overall design. Many people make the mistake of leaving the doors for last and end up with mismatched entrances.

At Pinky’s Iron Doors, our collection of doors includes wine cellar doors, entry doors, and patio doors, among many other options. For more information, reach out to us today.

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