MLK Day Sales On Iron Doors | I Have A Dream That I Will Find Custom Entry Doors For My Home

Every year, on the third Saturday of January, Americans celebrate Martin Luther King Day to honor the birthday of the great leader and an exemplary man, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The day celebrates the great life led by Dr. King, as well as his many achievements. He’s most popular for his lifelong campaign against racial discrimination and segregation, and his promotion of acceptance and equality for all races in the United States of America.

And while the 21st of January is best known to be a federal holiday, more and more shops, brands, and businesses are also providing absolutely incredible sales and deals on the day to celebrate and play their part in honoring Dr. King.

This year, at Pinky’s Iron Doors, we’re offering up to 60% off on wrought iron and steel doors. These prices are tax-free, and we’ve made sure to include free shipping for customers in Arizona, and next-day shipping for customers in other states.

What’s more, the doors come with robust, lifetime warranties and financing options, so they’re easy on your pocket.

So in case you’ve been looking for entry doors to bolster the security and aesthetic appeal of your home’s entrance, this is your chance to save money while making your house look more put-together.

Here’s everything to keep in mind for getting the best custom entry door.

Everything Depends On The Door’s Material

Since an entry door is a huge investment—especially a custom one—it’s best to make sure that it fulfills all of its intended functions, which are to provide security, resistance to weather conditions, and great aesthetics.

Even though there are many material options out there, the best materials that serve all these functions include wrought iron and steel. Being stronger than wood or fiberglass, wrought iron and steel doors last longer, aren’t affected by inclement weather conditions, and are typically fitted with high density insulation material.

They are also secure, so they can’t be broken into easily, providing you with a stress-free night’s sleep.

Insulation And Energy Efficiency

MLK Day Sales On Iron Doors

When getting a custom entry door, an element people usually miss out on is its insulation and energy efficiency.

At Pinky’s Iron Doors, we make use of a breakthrough technology known as a thermal break. This technology extends throughout the door and the window, offering well-rounded protection from outside environmental factors.

Both the outside and inside surfaces of the door are thermally separated, providing improved and efficient insulation.


The final factor you need to keep in mind is the warranty that comes with the door. A high-quality entry door isn’t a small investment, and you don’t want to be paying for repairs if it turns out to not perform the way it should.

And since you don’t have a sample to quality-test with custom doors, it’s important to have some sense of financial security in cases of any mishaps.

This is why at Pinky’s Iron Doors, all our products come with a lifetime warranty.

This is because of the attention to detail and the high-quality labor that go into making each of the doors in our collection.

We pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for customers who are looking for pre-made and custom wrought iron and steel doors online.

Our wide collection includes thermally broken doors, custom pivot and sliding doors, among many other choices. Get in touch with us today to find out more.
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