Stylish Front Doors With Sidelights - a Classic Way of Letting the Light Enter Your Home

Picture of PINKYS Air 4 w/ Sidelights Single Flat Top steel door as entry door.

Your front door is more than a mere entryway into your house. It's the first impression that the home leaves, and you probably want it to be memorable. So why not go with something that will make everyone pause for a moment and take notice? Front doors with sidelights can do that. They make for an eye-catching doorway, and they also allow for cozy natural light to pour in.

Few things can spruce up your house as instantaneously as a beautiful front door with sidelights. This guide will explore the many styles at your disposal and how these stunning additions can change the look of your home's exterior like you couldn't imagine. You'll get familiar with their benefits, what to keep in mind when choosing one, and even get some ideas for different looks.

Benefits of Front Doors With Sidelights

PINKYS Air 4 Double Flat Top black steel door w/ Right Sidelight

Suppose you're not entirely sold on the idea of sidelights doors. You may be wondering what makes them a better choice over the similarly practical but less costly regular doors. In that case, here are a few benefits that may sway your opinion:

  • The sun is a fantastic gift. You can let it into your home with a front door with sidelights. It will bring life to your entryway every morning, filtering its warm, beautiful glow into the room. You'll appreciate how it instantly lifts your mood and makes the place more welcoming.
  • The sight of a front door with sidelights can turn heads. The shapes and lines of the side windows gift the feeling of elegance and opulence to your house. It'll make your home stand out from the others. Passerbys may even stop for a moment to admire it. And you must know what that means - curb appeal.
  • It increases your home's value. That can matter if you ever wish to move away and sell your house one day or want to give your residence a luxury face-lift for your own sake.
  • It'll make your home feel safer. Instead of blindly opening the door to an unknown visitor, you can peek through the windows on the sides and check out who's at the door before deciding whether or not to open it. It's a valuable and much-welcomed addition for anyone looking to stay safe.

Choosing the Perfect Front Door With Sidelights

Picture of PINKYS Air 4 w/ Sidelights Double Mini Arch steel door used as exterior door.


The front door of your home is the entrance to and from a beautiful world. It shouldn't only be fashionable and functional but also harmonize gracefully with the residence's exterior. Here are some noteworthy considerations for when you're selecting the perfect one:

Material Matters

PINKYS Double Sidelights Iron Doors

When considering what material to use for your front door, there's a lot to think about. Not just how it looks but also its long-term performance, ease of maintenance, and how it contributes to the overall aesthetic of the home. Let's look at some common options you might want to try:

  • Wood doors are a timeless classic that is perfect for virtually any home. And their versatility allows for many combinations. For example, a mahogany door with a walnut stain adoring it can bring out timeless charm with long-lasting durability. Wood can last for possibly hundreds of years. But stay on top of maintenance. A little love and attention go a long way in keeping those wooden beauties looking their absolute best.
  • Steel doors can be perfect if you value strength and reliability and don't mind a bit of weight. Their heavy-duty construction grants robust protection from intruders, while their insulation keeps energy costs low. These steel doors can easily be painted in different colors and finishes to create a beautiful, classic wood look, and no one will know that it isn't real wood.
  • Fiberglass doors can make for a durable, low-maintenance entrance. What makes these doors stand out from the others is their exceptional durability and energy efficiency at more moderate prices. They can mimic the aesthetic of wood with naturally-appearing grain patterns while being better equipped to handle years of use without needing repairs.
  • Aluminum doors have many benefits that make them great for many homes. They are strong, durable, and rust-resistant, not unlike steel, but with considerably less weight. All being a good reason to give them a try. With various finishes and designs, there is a door out there that'll match your vision perfectly.

Glass Type for Sidelights

Lifestyle shot of PINKYS Air 4 single flat top black steel door w/ sidelights

Getting doors with sidelights means you also need to think about glass. Depending on its type, the glass can ramp up or diminish the sunshine that streams into the home. Also, it changes how much privacy you have.

  • With clear glass sidelights, the degree of natural light entering your foyer is unparalleled. The brightness radiates throughout the room, making it feel warm and cheerful. However, with all that glimmer comes a tale of caution. Due to their transparency, these windows don't offer much privacy.
  • The soft, diffuse light that filters through frosted or tinted glass perfectly balances privacy and illumination. Inside your space, there's just enough light to keep you comfortable while the clouded glass blocks prying eyes from the outside.
  • Beveled glass has an undeniable beauty that instantly brings out refinement and character. Its intricate detailing dances in the light, casting mesmerizing shadows and reflections in a room. Beveled glass is exceptionally good when you want to make a statement or let a bit more natural light in.

Color Coordination

Color Sample - All Colors

It's best if the color of the new front door and sidelights complement the rest of your home's exterior color palette. This way, you get a beautifully enhanced porch that you can look at with pride. Here are some notes about door colors:

  • A black front door with clear glass sidelights looks sleek and modern. It fits with almost any style exuding extravagance.
  • A blue or brown door might feel more traditional or rustic. These colors are calm and inviting, like an old-timey cottage.
  • Plain and calm colors are awesome, but no need to be afraid to go bold, either. A red or yellow door can be a statement and set your home apart.

Account for the color of your home's siding, trim, and roofing for the best effect when picking a front door color.

Size and Proportions

PINKYS Paris w/ Sidelights Iron Doors

A front door will look best when its size and the size of the sidelights are proportionate to the home as a whole.

  • A grand entryway might call for double doors with wide sidelights. Such an entryway creates a majestic entrance fitting for a sizable home.
  • Small homes might look best with a single door and narrow sidelights. This helps not to overwhelm the facade and keeps everything in proportion.

Different Styles of Exterior Doors With Sidelights

Front doors with sidelights come in many styles. Each offers a different kind of aesthetic. Here are some popular styles:

PINKYS Contemporary style lifestyle image

Contemporary Designs

Strikingly modern front doors with sidelights are a sign of the times. Sleek and minimalistic in design, these doors feature clean lines and often combine materials like steel and glass. The sidelights in this contemporary look are usually transparent or lightly frosted to let natural light cascade into the home.

These front doors have an air of sophistication, fitting perfectly into a contemporary home. Yet they can be styled to suit any vision, painted in rich colors, or kept simple with neutral shades. The sidelights can also be a canvas to show off interesting architectural elements like vertical details or geometric patterns. With their lovely balance between style and functionality, contemporary doors with sidelights bring class and tranquility to your dwelling.

PINKYS traditional style lifestyle image

Traditional Styles

You can adorn your doorway with an elegant traditional door with sidelights for a distinguished yet inviting entry. Combining classic wood, intricate details, and beautiful glasswork creates an extraordinary look that stands the test of time. Traditional doors also usually use sturdier materials like mahogany or walnut for long-lasting quality and grandeur.

The sidelights, such as beveled glass or stained glass, can be customized to such a level of detail that it becomes a veritable work of art. Aside from making a statement, these sidelights let more light into your home so that those who enter will feel welcomed by the warm glow. Traditional hardware and accessories add even more beauty and timelessness to this entryway.

Rustic Styles

PINKYS Beverly Sidelight

Rustic, weathered front doors with sidelights often use reclaimed wood and similar green materials. Looking at them feels idyllic and welcoming, with the planet in mind. These entrances speak of a particular style by presenting distressed finishes, iron hardware that injects just a hint of antiquity, and textured glass in the sidelights that allures the onlooker.

Country homes, farmhouses, or any place that should look natural and feel organic would look terrific with a rustic door with sidelights that embrace its charm with warm, earthy features.

Custom Designs

PINKYS Slider doors with sidelights

All the aforementioned designs are lovely, but custom designs are the way to go if you want a door to truly stand out. With some inspiration, you can craft a front door with sidelights that will be one of a kind. Unusual dimensions, creative glasswork in the sidelights, and specific woods or finishes will bring your vision to life in stunning form.

You have the freedom to explore any shape, size, and design – from intricate works of art to simple, refined pieces. The endless options let you create a front door that is unlike any other but uniquely yours.

Front Doors With Sidelights Are a Smart Investment

PINKYS Steel Door Pocket Sliders

Front doors with sidelights are often more expensive than standard doors, but that doesn't mean the extra investment isn't worth it.

The front door is usually the first thing visitors see when they arrive at your home. And when you install a door with window sides, you can really make an impression. With all their intricate details and design elements, these front doors will give your home serious curb appeal. So if you plan to sell your home eventually, these types of doors may give you an edge in the market. This way, investing more also means gaining more in return, eventually.

Would-be buyers will come across your front door as they tour your house, and it's easy to see why doors with sidelights often catch their eye. They bring an air of grandeur to any entranceway and offer plenty of natural light. These features add real monetary value because they create the impression of wealth.

Finally, feeling safe is usually a top priority for anyone who wants to buy a new home. Better security is another way to justify your investment and add monetary value to the real estate. Doors with glass sides may not seem the safest, but they do have some security and convenience benefits.

Front Doors With Sidelights: Maintenance and Care

The better you maintain your front door and windows, the longer they will last. No surprise there. So have some simple tips for maintaining both:

Clean Regularly

You surely want your front door and sidelights to keep that famous look for a long time. That's why you need to keep them pristine, at least as much as reasonably possible. Make sure that the cleaning solution you use is the right fit for your door type. For example, try PINKYS IRON DOOR SPRAY if you happen to install an iron door. The performance is excellent, and the solution provides UV protection.

Check for Damage

Give the door and sidelights a good look periodically. If there are any signs of cracks or other damage, don't wait too long to deal with them because they might get worse. Tackle them as soon as possible, ideally by having professional door services take a second glance.

Sealant Checks

Inspect sealant on your door and sidelights from time to time. If you notice signs that it might be wearing out, such as cracks or peeling, take care to replace the sealant. Sealant is what gives your door effective insulation and protects it from whatever weather may come its way.

Protective Measures

Secure your home with an advanced smart security system at the front door. Monitor who enters and exits your property from the convenience of your phone. A security system will add more utility to your front door and can deter unwelcome guests. Get real-time alerts and notifications that give you peace of mind, knowing your home is protected from intruders.

Replacing Sidelights

If your sidelights look a little worse for wear, or you want to upgrade the front door a little, you can replace them. It's relatively straightforward, and you can even DIY it with a razor blade, gently cutting through the paint bead around the sidelight's exterior. But you can, and might want to, employ the expert hands of a professional to help you out. If you go with a professional, you can also ask them questions about what replacement would work best for your abode.

Shop Front Doors With Sidelights

Picture of PINKYS Air 5 w/ Sidelights Double Flat Top steel door used as patio door.

Picture this - As you walk up to your front door, the natural light streaming through the vertical pieces of glass on either side draws your attention. These sidelights give privacy but also allow a view of the outside world from within. The clear beveled glass elevates your home's exterior to new heights. With this perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, your front door becomes an enticing focal point - beckoning all who pass by to take note of your impeccable taste. This could be your experience with just a few short clicks.

Still unsure what kind of front door and sidelights are the best for you and need a bit of inspiration? There are so many options out there. From the modern black front door with clear glass sidelights to the classic mahogany door with walnut finish sidelights, an array of stunning doors is in stock. You just need to look at the right shop - such as PINKYS.

Illuminate Your Home With PINKYS

PINKYS Air 4 interior doors w/ sidelights lifestyle image

You can craft a majestic doorway to your home by combining the beauty of architectural details with nature's grandeur. Front doors with sidelights emanate warmth and illumination. They best be striking — when you open up your space to light, it should be for something special.

Off-the-shelf doors are nice, sure, but imagine opening the door to your home and being graced with a unique view - one that you have crafted yourself. At PINKYS, we design beautiful doors that bring more than light into your home. PINKYS front doors let you make a deeper connection with the world outside. And they are a sturdy bridge to your inner world. Each design can transform your home in an instant.

So are you prepared to make a statement with a doorway? We offer a broad selection of iron doors with glass that offer all the benefits of doors with sidelights but with more space for you to move. If you have any more questions, we are always there to help you out and lend a hand.

Get in touch with our team to find out more about illuminating your home with PINKYS elegantly crafted doors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do entry doors with sidelights cost?

The prices of entry doors with sidelights can vary to a degree. But the variation comes down to the materials and the design's intricacy and construction quality. While the average cost usually falls between $1,200 and $3,500, the starting prices aren't everything. You might expect different costs for maintenance and perhaps replacement if it ever comes to that.

But it's well worth it. Those small glass panels on either side of your front door might seem insignificant, but they add undeniable elegance and sophistication that'll make you proud to call your house a home. And they can be efficient and benefit you in the long run in more ways than just looks.

Should the front door match the sidelights?

Artists and architects alike often talk about consistency and symmetry. And it's easy to see why these things matter. What consistency and symmetry mean for front doors is that the sidelights should subtly coordinate with the door's main look. The matching colors, materials, and stains will radiate throughout. That said, they don't necessarily need to be identical - distinct designs and complementary hues can look exquisitely consistent without being a perfect replica. Sometimes, looking the same is boring.

What are doors with side windows called?

Many homes' front doors often have something called sidelights or transoms - narrow vertical windows on either side of the entrance. It's common to see one window, but if the entrance is wide enough, you can make an even bolder statement by placing two sidelights - perfect for showcasing flower vases or creative chandeliers.

Can you buy sidelights separate from the door?

Yes, it is sometimes possible to buy them separately. It's true that sidelights are usually supposed to blend with the door's frame, but it doesn't have to be so. You can install them into separate, individual openings if you wish to be a bit experimental.

What size are entry doors with sidelights?

Admittedly, it can be a little tricky to find the right size sidelight. After all, the exact measurements of your entryway play a massive role in determining what fits. Many front doors are 36 inches wide, as a rule of thumb. But it's not unusual to find variations from 34 to 38 inches. As for the sidelights, they're usually 12-inch or 14-inch in size, with a 2-inch gap between them. Just double-check your space accurately so that everything fits perfectly.

Can you replace the front door with sidelights with a double door?

If you're looking to upgrade the entrance of your home, a double door can be an alternative. It's doable to replace a front door with sidelights with a double door. This can really change up your entryway or give you much-needed space when moving large items around the house. And if there's a transom window above your door, that won't pose an issue for the installation of double doors either. Still, it's best to leave it to the experts and contact a professional for a proper fit and installation.

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