Summer Renovations to Make at Your Ohio Residence

It’s almost summer, and you know what that means: it’s time to upgrade your Ohio home with the latest home improvements.

Don’t be alarmed by the idea of summer renovations. You don’t need to make fancy or significantly expensive investments to make your Ohio residence look spectacular. We’ve got a couple of exciting renovation ideas for you that will make your home look fresh and aesthetically appealing for many seasons to come. Let’s get started.

Brighten Up Your Interior Space

One of the easiest and most effective home improvements you can make to your Ohio property is adding a splash of color to it. Nothing says Season’s Greetings like a new paint job. 

Now that the snow has cleared up and summer’s in full swing, it’s time to add a splash of color to your home design. Bold and bright color palettes are the perfect way to make your home ready for summer. Think of the vibrancy this season brings and incorporate some of that into your home design. For instance, you can redo the walls in your living room and paint them yellow. Alternately, you can accent a specific wall with a bold color like purple, making it the focal point of your interior space.

You know what the best part about getting a new paint job is? You can enjoy long-term results for many summers to come! Besides, you’re definitely going to want some bright spaces in your home once the dreary winter returns and you’re confined to your home.

a room with natural lighting

Include Natural Lighting

Another way to brighten up your space is by maximizing daylight in your home design. This summer renovation is simpler than it sounds. You don’t have to make significant structural changes to your home design to accomplish this. There are plenty of other effective strategies you can adopt instead.

For instance, you can add glass doors to your indoor space. Steel doors with large glass panels help increase the amount of sunlight entering your home, making it appear brighter and cozier. You can choose from various door designs, such as French doors, sliding doors, pocket doors, and bi-fold doors. Alternately, you can also use an iron door with frosted glass panels as your front door.

Another great idea is adding more sun-facing windows to your space. Strategic placement can help you make the most of natural lighting. You can also consider adding a sunroof to a specific part of your house.

Using natural lighting helps make your space look more welcoming. It’s also an effective way to cut down on energy bills by reducing your use of artificial lighting. You don’t want to miss out on this awesome renovation!

Pay Attention to Your Exterior Spaces

Don’t forget to brighten things up in your landscape. Your exterior space is more important than you give it credit for. It’s the first thing people see when passing by or visiting your home. A neat, colorful, and welcoming exterior space will make a great first impression on visitors, making your house appear inviting.

Start by smoothening all exterior surfaces, whether it’s the pavement, the pathway, or the exterior walls. You don’t want any bumps and cracks on these surfaces. It’s also advisable to get a neutral paint job for your exterior walls to give your house a fresh look. Add a new iron front door to balance the effect. You can also opt for matching floor tiles or stonework for your landscape.

If you have a lawn, backyard, or patio, consider making minor improvements in those spaces. For instance, you can add a new patio sliding door to make your outdoor space look trendy. Similarly, you can include new flooring, furniture, or other luxury features in these areas.


Create a Home Office

If you frequently work from home, it’s time to create a dedicated workspace. A home office is one of the most useful home renovations you can make this summer. It’ll help you separate your personal and professional life by dedicating a room specifically for your work.

Convert your spare bedroom, attic, basement, or any unused space into an office space. You don’t need to do much. Adding basic office supplies and furniture is essentially all that you require. To set the mood, add some indoor plants and wall décor as well. Oh, and don’t forget about adding a steel door with glass panels to create a unique effect.

Add Wrought Iron & Steel Entry Doors

Speaking of doors, you should consider replacing your old ones with the latest iron and steel doors available at Pinky’s Iron Doors. Our collection includes all sorts of entry doors for outdoor and indoor spaces.

For instance, you can check out our exterior doors collection and choose a barn door for your backyard, a sliding door for your patio, or a wrought iron door for your front door. Alternately, you can browse through our range of interior doors and find ones that best suit your indoor spaces. These include steel French doors, bi-fold accordion doors, pocket doors, sliding steel doors, Dutch doors, and barn doors.

The best part about iron and steel entry doors is that they can be used in pretty much any space, balancing your home design. You can use them to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your indoor and outdoor spaces, incorporate more daylight into your home design, make cramped spaces look larger, and highlight certain decorative features.

a home office with steel doors

At Pinky’s Iron Doors, we provide a gorgeous collection of wrought iron doors and steel doors to Ohio homeowners. These can be further customized, making them ideal for your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Browse through our collection today and reach out to our representatives for assistance! We deliver our products all across the United States.

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