Adding Parisian Chic to Your Home Interior with Chinoiserie and Steel Doors

Although this year every interior design magazine has been buzzing about decking spaces with the second-coming of minimalist designs and mid-century modern home décor, there is nothing wrong with being a rebel and going all classic Parisian.

Imagine classic Parisian home décor featuring an aesthetic blend of parquet flooring, steel iron windows, French patio doors, and full-length obsidian glass doors that can make your home look like a dream. If you’re still not inspired, what if we tell you that you can throw in some intricate chinoiserie in the mix for a subtle pop of color?

As the sunny days of summer pave the way for new trends, it’s about time you rejuvenate your home interior design and unlock vintage tranquility with chinoiserie and Parisian themes.

Here are some of our favorite home décor themes that we know you’d love to explore.

Charming Cottagecore Home

There is nothing quainter and more charming than a cottage-core home featuring beautiful chinoiserie wallpaper, antique wooden furniture, gold-gilded petite chandeliers, and bleached wooden floors.

There are just a few pairings that embody romance and synergy between classic Parisian home interior and vintage graphic motifs, and this is certainly one of them.

Chinoiserie featuring pagoda motifs, bamboo stalks, and fiery dragons can add a lot of character to any living space. Just add a modern touch of Parisian themes with intricate tapestries, factory-style steel doors, and a fresh bouquet for a certain je ne sais quoi.

Subtle Parisian Flair

If you’re not up for making big renovations, there are still some ways to express your Parisian soul.

Opt for ornate mirrors, mint-colored wallpaper, 19th-century chandeliers, Bessarabian rugs, and chinoiserie vintage furniture. You can also opt for sleek and high-gloss steel French doors for an optimal interior balance.

Playful, eclectic, and Traditional

A room interior with wooden walls, an intricately patterned rug, and steel doors.

What better way to let your creativity flow than adopting an eclectic approach and assembling things in the traditional Parisian way?

Leather rugs, 16th-century portraits, contemporary décor pieces in a blend of attractive colors, and a pair of stunning pocket steel doors. You can also add some chinoiserie wallpaper with ornate decorative motifs.

The Parisian theme is all about mixing and matching the vintage and modern, and this would certainly enable homeowners to strike the perfect balance in their homes. Whether you opt for stunning golden pendant lights or incorporate variegated textures into your home, you’ll achieve striking harmony by following neutral color palettes and a pop of color with chinoiserie.

You’ll be taken aback by the freshness and modernity of this home décor style since it adds depth and dimension, especially when you add steel and iron doors.

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