The Appeal of Oversized Doorways with Modern Iron Doors


The first thing that people visiting your house or admiring it from afar notice is the front door. It plays an important role in determining your home’s curb appeal. It’s location alone is enough to draw the eye, as it’s typically the center of the house. However, if it’s designed well, those attracted eyes will continue to linger. Besides that, it’s also the first thing people interact with, as most guests usually enter your home through the front door.

Clearly then, your choice of front door is important. If you search the internet for the most popular designs these days, you’ll undoubtedly see someone clamoring for and lionizing oversized doorways and modern iron doors. Something about the combination attracts peoples’ attention and eyes, making them an extremely popular design choice. Here’s why we think the combination is so appealing.



Bigger objects occupy more space in our visual field, so it’s hard to miss them. For instance, you’re less likely to miss a skyscraper than you are to miss a small house. The sole reason being that they occupy so much of your visual field that it’s hard to avoid them, even if you tried.

Oversized doorways, mixed with modern iron doors occupy a larger part of the home’s exterior. They also occupy the center of the home’s front-facing face (the one people will see first). As a result, not only are peoples’ eyes drawn to the center, but even if they aren’t, it’s hard to miss the door. People who want to display their luxury or style through their front door will likely opt for this combination.


Many people admit that the home’s front door immediately draws their eyes, but not for too long. The eyes wander to the garage door, home’s color, windows, etc. That’s not so much a knock on your door as it is a description of how people perceive things.

That’s where this combination shakes things up. As mentioned above, these doors are oversized, which isn’t something you typically see. As a result, the size differentiates the door from other doors.

Modern iron doors are not something you commonly see. The market is saturated with wooden doors or doors with wooden finishes. As a result, when someone sees an iron door, their gaze lingers.


Barring the above reasons, the combination also just generally looks good. If the doorway and door aren’t too big, then people are going to look at the doors because they’re attractive. This has a trickle down effect on the value of your house, as first impressions are really powerful when you’re showing off your property to potential buyers.

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