Double Iron Doors or Single Iron Door Entryway?


Entry doors play a key function in your home’s appearance, as well as its security. Doors ward off intruders and immediately draw everyone’s eye, as they’re the focal point of your home’s front-facing exterior. They’re also the first part of your house that people are going to interact with (assuming they’re entering your house in the traditional way).

In summation, your home’s entry door is an important part of your home, and so you shouldn’t rush your choice. In our opinion, it’s hard to find a better all around package than an iron entry door. These doors have very simple yet sophisticated designs, thereby appealing to almost every onlooker; they convey luxury and intelligence.

However, even if you’re onboard with buying an iron door, you have to make a few more choices. One of these choices is which single or double iron door is going to suit your house. Here’s a guide to choosing one that’s right for your entryway.

Single Iron Doors

Single iron doors take up less space than double iron doors, so they’re much more common, since entryways typically aren’t that wide. Due to their size, their manufacturer requires less raw material input, which makes them more affordable, while the lower space demand means they have more versatile uses.

Now, this may make it sound like single iron doors are the poor person’s double iron door, but that’s light years away from the truth. These doors have cosmetic value that’s comparable to double iron doors. For example, consider wrought iron doors. These doors are made of wrought iron, a pliant variety of iron due to its low carbon content. Since it’s malleable, it can be formed and adjusted to fit a plethora of entryways.

Double Iron Doors


As suggested above, double iron doors are rarer than single iron doors because they demand much wider entryways. However, that rarity is a part of their appeal. Since people don’t see them everywhere, whenever people do see them, their gaze lingers.

Besides their eye-catching appearance, double iron doors are useful in other ways too. For instance, suppose you’re moving some large object through the entryway. To do that, you’ll need enough entryway and door space, and double iron doors can provide that. The doors also fit well in large houses, as they highlight the house’s size. As was the case with single iron doors, wrought iron doors will serve your aesthetic and functional needs well.

Which Iron Door is Right for You?

The decision depends on two things: your financial constraints and house’s dimensions. Single iron doors are the more affordable option, making them the right choice for those on a tight budget. For larger houses, double iron doors are a must, as they’ll look more at home given their large size

At Pinky’s Iron Doors, we can provide whichever iron door you want. We have affordable double and single wrought iron doors for sale, as well as steel doors and other door accessories.


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