2 Kinds of Doorways That Pivot Custom Iron Doors Look Brilliant In


Pivot iron doors refer to doors that rotate on an arbor. This is in stark contrast with traditional swing doors, which rely on the hinges in the door frame to swing. However, this isn’t the only difference between traditional and pivot iron doors. Pivot iron doors are also usually much heavier and larger than other doors, two facts that are responsible for their appeal.

To get further into the differences, the spindle on which the door pivots can be placed anywhere in the doorway. In effect, you can rotate the door from the center of your doorway, as opposed to the corners for traditional doors. Combining the spindle’s custom location with the ability to use multiple, disconnected panels, and you have an artist’s dream.

Pivot iron doors are best suited to wider door panels (the door panel width is after all what usually determines the spindle location). They’re smoothly operated and offer a refreshing change from traditional hinge doors, creating a lasting positive impression. If an artist gets a hold of the design, you can really go wild and impress all who walk toward your home.

The ideal door would be a pivot iron door that you can customize, and we, at Pinky’s Iron Doors can help with that. However, before you get to the door, you’ll want to make sure the doorway doesn’t detract from the door. Here are the kinds of doorways that go well with custom pivot iron doors.


Lintels refer to doorways that are made of a single beam that spans the width of the door. Lintels don’t always make a significant impact on the appearance or appeal of traditional hinge doors (in the right hands they can).

One of the reasons for that is traditional hinge doors aren’t that wide. In contrast, pivot doors are always wider than traditional hinge doors. You can have almost 100 inches of door width to work with (though this is an extreme). In these cases, lintels will emphasize the size of your door, making it appear even larger.


Frames have a history of being used to enhance the special features of a door. In the case of pivot doors, these are its size and function. However, it is possible to go wrong with frames if they’re not constructed with the right material. The safe bet would be to use a material that matches or meshes with the color of the door. With respect to houses, this is typically painted wood.

While these doorways go well with pivot doors, in actuality, you can pair pivot doors with almost every doorway. The only exception is arches, but with the right door company, it’s possible.

If you’re looking for pivot custom iron doors for sale, then get in touch with us, at Pinky’s Iron Doors. We have years of experience in the industry and have some of the most talented designers on board—when you hire us, you know you’re going to get the best.


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