Wine Cellar Steel Door Options and Their Appeal


Before considering the implications of your wine cellar design choices, it’s important to understand what the cellar conveys. Though they can indicate a lot of things, wine cellars primarily convey two things: luxury and class.

The luxury element is simply because not everyone can afford a wine cellar, let alone build one. Wine cellars need to be constructed, which is already very costly. After that, they need to be stocked with fine wines, which is a major additional cost.

The wines are what convey class and sophistication. A wine cellar indicates that the owner has knowledge about wines and serving them, which his something most people don’t know. Besides that, a well-stocked wine cellar indicates a well-traveled person, as there’s always something new to try with different vintages, regions, etc. Lastly, wine itself has a reputation of being the sophisticated person’s preferred drink.

So, the last thing a person with a wine cellar wants to do is ruin this image with bad design choices. This is generally what has inspired interest in wine cellar design, and at the forefront of that interest are the doors. Here’s why wine cellar doors are important.

The Appeal

The appeal of wine cellar doors comes from their ability to make a lasting impression.

Wine cellars connote sophistication and sumptuousness, but this is an abstract idea, as opposed to a feeling grounded in something concrete.

The first impression is made by your cellar’s door. It’s the first point of contact for people who are visiting your wine cellar, and it forms the foundation for peoples’ perception of your cellar. As a result, you’ll want to opt for a cellar door that comports with the rest of your cellar’s design and conveys sophistication.


If your goal is to embody the reputation of wine in your cellar’s door, opt for steel doors. Here are some options:

Queensway Wine Cellar W/ Handgrip - Single Full Arch: This is a single iron

The Queensway Wine Cellar

door with no threshold and custom door handles. The door is ideal for your wine cellar, as it’s well-insulated, creating an air-tight seal.

Besides that, these iron doors also have a vintage design, which is consistent with the long history of wine. This iron door is the ideal synthesis of function and aesthetic, making for a stunning impression every time a new guest visits your wine cellar.

Air 5 Wine Cellar - Single Full Arch: Like the Queensway, the Air 5 is also a single iron door for wine cellars and without a threshold. This iron door has a simpler design compared to the Queensway iron door, putting more of the cellar on display. For those who want to show the door and cellar-inside to make a first impression together, this is ideal.

If you want to purchase any of these single iron and steel doors, get in touch with us, at Pinky’s Iron Doors.


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