The Californian Millennial’s Guide to Upgrading Their Home Using Steel Doors


Being among the states with some of the most expensive modern homes in the United States, California is no stranger to homeowners making hefty investments in upgrading their homes. We like to keep our homes looking as “in with the times” as we can while also adding our own personal flair to them.

If you’re a California homeowner looking for ideas to upgrade the look of your home, perhaps the doors and windows are where you should start. Here is our inspirational guide to upgrading your home with steel doors.

1.    Steel Entry Doors

When you walk by a house, what is the first thing you see? That’s right, the front entry door! Your front door is usually built to catch some eyes, and it can be very good at that job – if chosen suitably.

What we mean by that is, your front door should be chosen, keeping the aesthetic and functional needs of the rest of the home in mind. Steel entry doors and steel front doors are masters of this craft because they make the boldest statement with their sleek look and hefty weight.

2.    Steel Swing Doors

If you want to incorporate steel doors into the interior of the house, then you can go for some steel swing doors leading to your backyard, garden, or deck. Steel French doors are also a great option for this interior design option because of their glass compartment style that is designed to let the sun shine through.

3.    Steel Patio Doors

Looking to spark up your patio with a new look? Upgrade the door! Steel patio doors come in many styles and customizable designs, such as steel Dutch doors, steel French doors, steel sliding doors, steel pocket doors, and even steel bi-fold doors. You can add sidelights to your new steel patio door to bring your whole patio space to life.

4.    Steel Interior Doors

The other option for you to spice up your interior décor is through interior steel doors. You have a wide variety of options here. You can choose steel wine cellar doors, steel room dividers, steel pocket doors, steel pantry doors, and so much more. You can even add some steel windows to your rooms.


We Can Help You Upgrade Your Home with Steel Doors

At Pinky’s Iron Doors, we are a team of highly professional metal artisans who specialize in providing high-quality and affordable steel and iron doors and windows.

Our extensive product portfolio consists of steel doors and iron doors in many different styles like sliding doors, entry doors, patio doors, front doors, wine cellar doors, interior doors and designs of modern and contemporary doors as well as wrought iron doors.

You can browse through our wide range of products on our website and reach out to us for your own custom iron or steel doors. Check out our clearance section for iron doors on sale, too.


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