The Iron Door Aesthetic - Why Consider Iron Doors in Newport Beach, California

Spectacular coastal views. The stunning beach setting. The wind in your hair as you watch the waves lapping the shore.

These are the images that come to mind when you think of Newport Beach, which has a natural, airy aesthetic that is at once elegant and freeing. And if you happen to live in the city, you're surrounded by that aesthetic - and the feelings of wonder it can create - every day.

If only you could bring that feeling home with you so you can enjoy the feel of Newport Beach from the moment you reach your front entrance.

Enter PINKYS - Your supply of fully customized doors to create the iron door aesthetic that melds perfectly with Newport Beach.

Wrought Iron Doors - Perfect for the California Sun

"Iron and sun," you might be thinking. "They don't seem like a pairing of styles that easily go together."

That isn't the case, as you'll discover while reading these reasons why iron doors - whether you go for single doors or doubles - can make a striking addition to your house.

Push Out window with two horizontal grid lines

A Wrought Iron Door Doesn't Have to be Bulky

There's often a misconception surrounding iron doors. Your mind may instantly jump to words like "secure" and "durable," instantly bringing to mind bulky doors that are functional rather than fabulous. And make no mistake - those types of iron doors exist.

They're just not all that iron can bring to the table.

In the hands of the right manufacturer, iron can be turned into a thing of beauty. In the classical style, you see this in the sophistication of scrollwork adorning residential iron doors. For those who prefer the contemporary look - which makes heavy use of glass and geometric patterns - iron can be fashioned as a framing device for glass.

The result?

Doors complement the Newport Beach aesthetic thanks to their subtle style and intelligent use of the material. Your iron door can be art - a slice of magic built into your home.

Iron Front Doors Are Great for Residential and Commercial Clients

Many of the elements that make modern iron doors perfect for homes also apply to commercial buildings.

Obviously, the security benefits iron brings to the table make them a great choice for businesses. But if we look beyond the practical - though important - reasons to choose iron, these types of doors also offer exceptional quality. The detail that can be built into iron reflects a company that is professional in all that it does - key to any industry that values quality. Then, there's the aesthetic message sent when a business has iron doors:

Your entry doors are aligned with your building's architecture and the environment surrounding it.

Of course, achieving that alignment requires you to find the right door. In Newport Beach - whether for residential or commercial use - PINKYS' Air range is perfect. The combination of sleek black lines made using iron and the heavy use of glass creates a light and breezy feeling that's in keeping with the beachside environment.

Your New Entry Doors Will be Virtually Maintenance-Free

Imagine that your home has a wooden door.

In Newport Beach, you don't have to worry too much about rain affecting that door. The city gets about 10.8 inches per year - nowhere near enough to cause significant damage. But you still live in a coastal area. The salt in the air, combined with the consistently warm temperatures, can cause the wood in your door to expand and warp, with paint chipping also becoming a problem.

These are problems you won't have with iron doors.

Maintenance is far less of an issue - and much easier when it needs to be carried out - because iron doesn't warp or expand due to changing temperatures or moisture in the air. Better yet, you can protect the iron in your door using PINKYS Iron Door Spray, which both cleans and reinforces your door so it can stand against the elements.

PINKYS Iron Doors Match California's Architectural Style

Clean lines and minimal fuss are the California aesthetic in action, with the style focusing on minimalism rather than intricacy.

Naturally, this leaves some iron door designs out in the cold. Anything that's big and bulky - or too complex in its design - won't suit the Newport Beach style, leaving you with a front door that clashes against its surrounding environment.

But just because some iron doors won't work in Newport Beach, that doesn't mean that none of them will.

In fact, PINKYS' Air range of doors - both the Air 4 and Air 5 - were designed with California in mind. You'll see the clean lines and geometric shapes that are so popular throughout the city's architecture, meaning you get a door that combines elegance with stylistic alignment.

Expert Craftsmanship Boosts Your Home's Exterior

Never underestimate the importance of curb appeal.

That's especially the case if you're selling your home - 76% of potential buyers think that first impressions are everything when they visit a property.

Now, imagine that 76% of buyers rocking up to your home only to find a dingy old door in your entryway. Immediately, they get a bad taste in their mouths, which you have to work hard to dispel if you're to stand any chance of selling the property.

Compare that to the impression you create when the home's frontage has a sleek and stylish iron door - showcasing expert craftsmanship - that impresses from the moment somebody lays eyes on it. You create an amazing first impression, giving you something to build upon as you try to sell.

An Iron Front Door Can Keep Temperatures in Your Home Consistent

Despite being a coastal city in California, Newport Beach doesn't experience wild variations in temperatures. The mercury tends to stand around the 70 degrees Fahrenheit mark during summer and rarely drops below 50 degrees, even when winter comes.

In a perfect world, you'll enjoy that consistency in your home as well as when you're enjoying the beach.

Lifestyle of PINKYS Air 5 Black Single Full Arch Steel Door

Iron doors - especially those designed by PINKYS - ensure that happens by using thermal breaking. This special technique involves inserting an insulative material between two layers of iron, minimizing heat transfer in the process. When it's hot outside, thermal breaking helps you keep it cool indoors. And when you want to keep the heat in, the technology works in reverse.

Straightforward Installation

When you're trying to create an aligned aesthetic - from iron gates to your iron door - the last thing you want is to find the perfect door only to discover that it's a nightmare to install.

Measurement is key, with the idea being to measure from the outside of one jamb to the outside of the corresponding jamb. That's the approach PINKYS takes, in addition to providing full installation guides with all of its iron doors.

Get Your Custom Iron Doors (As Well as Steel Doors) at PINKYS

Materials make the door, and to PINKYS, those materials must be manufactured to ensure they suit your home's aesthetic. But if you're still on the fence about buying an iron door for your Newport Beach home, let's look at a few more reasons to shop with PINKYS.

Inspired by California

We're California-born and bred - our showroom is in Vernon, California, and the state's stunning landscapes serve as the inspiration behind our designs.

Built by a Skilled Team

Air Window 0V 2H - Double Casement Square Pre-Sale | Arriving: 05-06-2024 - PINKYS

PINKYS is a family-owned business built on the backs of two generations of ironworkers. Skill is our byword - we don't allow any door to arrive at a customer's home if it doesn't meet our exacting standards.

Custom Fabrication to Your Requirements

There is no such thing as "one-size-fits-all" when it comes to your home, which is why we can customize your doors to special order if required. Give us a call at (844) 843-6677 or email to tell us your requirements.

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