Iron Doors in Orlando, Florida - Why Wrought Iron Doors are Perfect in the Home of Walt Disney World


The home to so many attractions that it's no surprise the city draws in around 75 million tourists per year. Between Disney World, Universal Studios, and an array of other theme parks - along with offering an easy route to Cape Canaveral - the region is perfect for a visitor.

But you aren't a visitor.

You call Orlando home, whether that means living in Winter Park or just on the outskirts of the city in Altamonte Springs. And for you, as FL Orlando native, the city isn't about theme parks. It's about building an amazing home for you and your family.

So, where do iron products - such as PINKYS iron doors - come into the picture?

Your home's doors are the entryway into the comfortable environment you want to create. And when you go down the iron route, you don't just get a secure and stable door.

You get a door that matches the Orlando aesthetic so you can turn your house into a home.

Custom Iron Doors - Five Reasons to Install Them in Orlando

Many images may spring to mind when you think about iron doors, from the intricate scrollwork seen on Victorian-era doors to the bulky metal doors some businesses use to guard their premises.

That's not all that an iron door can be.

If you shop with PINKYS - who make iron doors with a stunning California-inspired aesthetic - you'll discover many reasons for iron to become the highlight of your doorway.

Iron Entry Doors are Energy-Efficient

As wonderful as Orlando is, there's no denying that the city can get warm. Uncomfortably warm for some, especially when you add humidity into the mix and the city hitting an annual average temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit. It can easily climb into the 80s during the height of summer.

Of course, that means air conditioning is a must.

But running an air conditioner costs money, which is why you need a home that's energy efficient to the point where hot air is kept out and cool air remains indoors.

A typical iron door doesn't do that because the metal used to make the door is conductive. It absorbs heat - in this case, from the outside - and transfers it to heat the cooler air inside your home. But PINKYS has come up with a solution:

Thermal breaking.

The concept is simple. If an iron door usually acts as a bridge that transfers heat from one area to another, breaking that bridge means the transfer can't happen. With a thermal break, we place an insulative material between two layers of iron to prevent the heat that the iron conducts from traveling into your home.

The result - your home stays cooler for longer without you having to keep the air conditioning at full blast all day.

The Best Iron Doors Feature Glass as Well as Metal

Energy efficiency benefits are all well and good, you might think, but you don't want a bulky iron door adorning your entryway.

And you don't have to.

An iron door - especially a residential one - is so much more than a slab of metal secured in a doorway. it's a design feature and one that can be made contemporary through the use of geometric patterns, straight lines, and extensive use of glass.

You'll see this in the PINKYS Air range - both the Air 4 and Air 5 variants - as they're actually more glass than iron. So, you get a door that allows plenty of light to stream in from the blazing Orlando sun, opening up your entryway in the process to create a more welcoming home.

While we're on the subject of glass, it's also worth pointing out another energy efficiency benefit:

PINKYS uses low-E glass in many of our doors.

This special type of glass - which is coated in an insulative film - reduces energy loss by as much as 50%.

Get an Entry Door with Amazing Curb Appeal

The aesthetic delivered by the right iron door massively improves your home's curb appeal, especially if you choose a door that opens up the space leading into your home.

PINKYS Hollywood Black Exterior Double Flat Steel Doors

But why does that matter?

As a Florida homeowner, curb appeal could matter simply because you want to be able to look at your home and enjoy what you see whenever you approach. However, the real benefit lies in the impact that curb appeal has if you're selling or renting your home, with the latter being a distinct possibility given that many visitors to Orlando are looking for vacation rentals.

For those buyers and renters, curb appeal is huge - 68% of them say it's crucial when they're looking for a property.

By improving how your home looks from the outside with an iron door, you guarantee that it'll stand out to anybody when they browse for properties online.

Amazing Durability Means Minimal Maintenance

We touched on Orlando's humidity - combined with the heat of its summer days - earlier as a reason why you need an energy-efficient iron door. However, iron also stands apart from other products in these conditions because of its relative lack of maintenance.

Compare iron to wood.

Even the most modern wooden door is still subject to the ravages of the elements. In Orlando's case, the combination of heat and moisture in the air can cause warping and wreak havoc on paintwork.

Warping isn't an issue with iron doors - the temperature outside has no impact on their shape. As for paint and rust, there are plenty of solutions to make protection and maintenance easy, including PINKYS Iron Door Spray.

Complete the Central Florida Look

You've got the look!

Or at least your home has it when you combine your home's stunning architecture with a door that completes the Florida aesthetic.

Stunning white sandy beaches and endless sunshine are the hallmarks of the Florida feel, and you can transform your home into something that encapsulates both with an iron door. Take PINKYS Air range as an example - its extensive use of glass panes ensures that sunlight beams in while being subtle enough to offer a modernistic twist on the classic seaside feel.

Orlando Wrought Iron Doors - Three Choices from the PINKYS Showroom

You can see why iron is a perfect fit for Orlando.

Now, it's time to delve into some styles with three PINKYS door ideas that could add an artistic flourish to your home.

Dream Iron Door - Elegant Residential Iron Doors

For those who adore the classical look, the Dream Iron Door is ideal. Beautiful scrollwork that's expertly crafted adorns the door's center, with an Aquatex glass panel offering privacy. That glass has a little secret, too. It can be opened separately should you ever want sunlight to stream in through the scrollwork.

Air 4 with Sidelights - Double Iron Doors for the Light and Airy Aesthetic

If you want to add a touch of grandeur to your home's entryway, there's no better choice than an iron double door. And with the Air 4 with Sidelights, you not only get those double doors - featuring contemporary geometric shapes and straight lines - but you also get a pair of small windows on the sides to keep light flooding into your home.

Air 5 Single Flat - Thermally Broken Doors for Consistent Temperatures

Lifestyle of PINKYS Air 4 Black Steel Double Full Arch Doors

This single-door variant of the Air range features more glass panels than its Air 4 equivalent, with eight glass panels compared to the three found in the Air 4. But there's no change in quality - the Air 5 Single Flat is still an amazing choice for making smaller entryways feel massive and expansive.

Find Iron and Steel Doors at PINKYS

The simple fact is that iron will never go out of style.


Because it's such a versatile material that it can adapt to the style of the time to create something both contemporary and timeless. You'll see this with every PINKYS door - especially our Air range - as we've taken modern Californian design philosophies and melded them with traditional ironwork.

If you'd like to see more than the three doors highlighted here, then check out our online catalog. Whether it's iron or steel, we can help you find the perfect door for your Orlando home.

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