Wrought Iron Doors - The Perfect Addition to Your Palm Springs Home

You're standing at the driveway gates of your Palm Springs home and surveying its exterior.

It feels like something is missing. Most of the home looks wonderful. The side gates are in keeping with the garden, and you can even enjoy how the balcony rails, with their straight lines, match the lines of your property. But as soon as your eyes wander to your front door, you can see the problem.

It just doesn't fit the bill.

You're not getting that Coachella Valley feel from the door, especially in comparison to the rest of your home, and you want something with a little more style. But you also don't want to remodel the home's entire frontage to get that style. A worry-free project - with simple installation - is what you need, and that's what you'll find with a PINKYS iron door.

Why You Should Choose an Iron Door in Palm Springs

"Hold on a second," you may be thinking. "Iron products are great, but my idea of an iron door isn't really in keeping with the California sunshine."

Perhaps that would be the case with traditional iron doors, which are often bulky and do little to let any light into your home's entryway. But with a PINKYS design - which is inspired by the California style you already love - you get a door that is unlike any other metal products you'll find.

Allow us to explain.

Iron Entry Doors Offer Fabulous Curb Appeal

Take a walk down the average Palm Springs street and pay attention to the front of each house. You'll likely notice that while there's some variance in door designs, you get the sensation that you're looking at the same old, same old. Nothing stands out - there's nothing special going on that can create the all-important curb appeal you want to see in your home.

Lifestyle of PINKYS Air 4 Black Steel Single Mini Arch Doors

Enter a PINKYS iron door.

Specifically, our Air range - which combines large glass panels with contemporary straight lines - is designed to help you create curb appeal. The doors themselves are stunning, with their lines easily meshing with your home's architecture. But it's the possibilities they present in terms of creating a modernistic design with minimal effort that make them really stand out.

But why should you care about curb appeal at all?

Imagine the time comes when you decide to move away from Palm Springs. That means you'll need to sell your home and, naturally, you'll want to attract as high a price as possible. In Palm Springs, the typical home value is around $657,000.

That's a nice chunk of change.

But what if you could add 7% to that number?

That's how much curb appeal can add to a home's value, according to The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics. A $5,000 investment in an iron door could add around $45,000 to your asking price - a substantial return on your investment.

PINKYS Creates Thermally Broken Doors

So, the right iron doors can add substantial amounts to your property's value. But what if you're not looking to move? In that case, a mix of aesthetics and comfort are what you need.

That brings us to the heat in the city.

Temperatures can easily exceed 80 degrees Fahrenheit during the height of summer, making air conditioning a must. But for every minute you have the air-con running, you're spending money on energy. Ideally, you need a door that's capable of preventing the heat transfer from outside that forces you to keep that air conditioner on full blast for the entire day.

PINKYS iron doors do that.

This may seem strange to somebody who knows that iron is a conductive material that typically transfers heat into a home when it's hot outside. However, PINKYS uses a special insulative technique - called thermal breaking - to solve the problem. By sandwiching an insulator between two layers of iron, PINKYS creates a break that stops heat from being transferred into your home from outside - perfect for those sweltering Palm Springs summers.

Match Your Iron Front Doors to Your Iron Gates

In the little hypothetical scenario presented in the intro, we talked about gates, railings, and straight lines. Even if you have none of those – maybe you prefer fences over gates - you'll still see that simple lines and geometric shapes are the bedrock of your home's aesthetic.

They're also the inspiration for PINKYS' design philosophy.

Our company's owners grew up in California and have spent their entire lives being guided by the simple elegance and beauty of California. Its architecture. Its nature. Even the stunning California sunsets. They all feed into the iron doors that PINKYS designs to ensure your new door matches the aesthetic you've created for your home.

That alignment runs from your iron gates to your home's interior.

Emphasize the Beauty of Your Decorative Furniture

When people think of iron as a material, words like "durability" and "security" come to mind. And it's no surprise - iron is an extremely strong material.

But it can also be beautiful when in the right hands.

PINKYS Hollywood Black Exterior Double Flat Steel Doors

And that beauty can be used to emphasize the attractiveness of the decorative furniture you place inside and out of your home.

Take the PINKYS Air collection as an example. All of these doors are designed to open up space and allow light to stream into your home. Once installed, these features emphasize the qualities of the furniture - as well as any artwork or other decorations - that you have in your entryway because light will stream onto them.

Minimal Maintenance Thanks to the Use of the Highest Quality Materials

Palm Springs gets extremely warm during the summer, which can create a moisture imbalance in wooden doors. The door essentially dries out - shrinking and warping in the process - because of the heat. The real problem comes when it rains, which adds moisture to the air and causes the door to expand again.

This repeated cycle of shrinkage and expansion causes several problems, including the wooden door jamming in its frame and constant wear on its hardware.

Iron isn't subject to any of these problems.

While the material is flexible in terms of design versatility, it's rigid once fabrication is complete and your iron door is installed. The result?

Minimal maintenance required!

Three Amazing Custom Iron Doors from the PINKYS Collection

Now that you know why iron doors help you to create a residential wonderland - especially when you buy from PINKYS - the next question is simple:

What door should you choose?

Here are three of the many you'll find in our online catalog.

Air 5 Double Flat - A Double Door That's Perfect for Palm Springs

Grandiosity meets contemporary design with the Air 5 Double Flat, which are double doors inspired by Californian architecture. Large glass panes - 16 in total - combine with bold black lines to create an elegant door that opens up your home's entryway and creates an amazing impression on all who see it.

Beverly Double Flat - Ornate Iron Scrollwork Serving as Window Guards

Perhaps your tastes lean more traditional, and you're drawn to a dream of what a "classical" iron door should look like. PINKYS has you covered there, too, with the Beverly Double Flat. Ornate scrollwork sits over the windows built into these iron doors, acting as both decoration and window guards. Combined with the hints of curves at the doors' bases - contrasting with the straight lines used elsewhere – creates a door that's a stellar example of PINKYS workmanship.

Air 4 Dutch Single Flat - Multiple Options for How You Open

Different is always good, and it's exactly what you get with the Air 4 Dutch Single Flat.

Inspired by the Dutch doors used in rural Europe - which split horizontally so you can open the top or bottom - this door can transform your home inside and out. We recommended installing them in the kitchen.

PINKYS Air Lite Dutch Interior Black Single Flat Steel Door w/ Removable Threshold

Contact PINKYS for Iron and Steel Doors

Your door should be a source of pride rather than simply a slab of wood or metal that only exists to allow people in or out. That's why PINKYS invests so much time into our craftsmanship - the door you buy from us is a door that is both durable and architecturally stunning. If you'd like to learn more about the doors presented here or any others in our catalog, call (844) 843-6677 or send your questions to info@pinkys.com.

We're always ready to make your door dreams come true.

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