The Ultimate Guide to Designing a Modern Home in Houston


With more and more homeowners preferring this clean, uncluttered space to live in, modern homes are all the hype these days. What sets modern and contemporary homes apart is the use of wide-open floor plans, clean lines, geometric shapes, and carefully chosen décor. The whole idea is to strip down to the basics while letting go of all that doesn’t work.

You don’t need to hire an interior designer to turn your home into a modern haven. By choosing the right elements, you can do the job yourself.

Here's how you can bring a modern aesthetic to every room in your home in Texas:


Use an Open-Plan Design

Modern homes are known for their spaciousness. That’s why you need to use an open-plan design to prioritize open spaces. This floor plan promotes lighting, and movement, and encourages bonding and communication.

Plenty of Lighting Sources

Lighting is an important element of modern design. Your home’s lighting needs to be picture perfect because dark areas seem smaller and more cluttered. Because we want a spacious feel, it’s a good idea to hang pendant lights, chandeliers, and wall lights over bulky floor lamps. These lights come in many designs, and styles, and can instantly elevate the look of your rooms.


Add in Reflective Décor Pieces

Contemporary homes need some eye-catching pieces to promote that look of spaciousness. That’s why you should opt for décor pieces made up of metal like steel, bronze, or crystal. Hanging mirrors is also an excellent idea as they create an illusion of extra space and look stunning as well.


Go Green with Plants

There’s nothing like that natural pop of green. Modern homes go well with nature. Add succulents and wall-hanging plants inside your home for a fresh feel (snake plants are ideal) and see how they bring some much-needed refreshment to your home. You can add some large plants in the hallway, hang vines by the windows, or put a few pots in the living room.

Wallpapers Are Back

Who says modern homes can't use wallpapers? Your home’s walls don’t have to be plain and bland. Instead, dress them up with attractive and unusual wallpaper patterns in colors that suit your home’s theme and palette.

Give Metal Details with Wood Materials

Modern homes can carry wood furniture and décor very well. Add in a few metal details with iron doors or steel windows, and see how well they blend in for an urban vibe.

Choose Eco-friendly Alternatives

Since you’re going modern and minimalistic, you can choose eco-friendly furniture and décor pieces for greener alternatives that won't ever go out of style.


Opt for Art Displays

Every home needs art. When it’s time to choose your art displays, choose artwork that strengthens and sets up your home’s theme and color palette while also showcasing your individual personality. Art doesn’t have to be expensive either, just something that speaks where words cannot.


Choose Inspiring Colors 

Modern homes have a very carefully chosen color palette. This doesn’t mean you only need to stick to bland neutrals or boring pastels. You can choose bright pops of colors here and there to make your décor stand out beautifully.

Focus on the Focal Points

Modern looks are all about focal points and straight lines. Decide on a focal point in every room and arrange your furniture and décor around it. Your accessories need to blend and complement your focal points and take attention away from them

Choose the Right Doors

And of course, doors. Whether it’s an entry door or an interior door, a modern home needs something truly inspirational, elegant, and contemporary. Sticking to old, traditional doors will just break the look you’re going for.

This is where modern iron and contemporary steel doors come in. they’re specifically manufactured keeping modern, minimalistic homes in mind, making them the perfect choice for your home.

Here are a few doors to think about:

Contemporary and Minimalistic Front Doors

Since you’re ready to give your home a modern look, don’t forget to invest in doors that are manufactured for contemporary spaces. Here are a few entry doors that’ll elevate your home’s entrance instantly:

Black Steel Doors

Black steel doors by Pinky’s Iron Doors are made for contemporary homes. Their sleek black exterior, neat lines, and glass panes help them stand out elegantly while also maintaining a subtle arrogance. Check out the variety of black steel doors you can choose from Pinky’s Iron Doors.

Doors with Sidelights and Transoms

For wide and spacious entrances that require stunning entry doors, you can opt for iron doors with sidelights and transoms. They’re classier than standard metal doors and add an instant pizzazz to turn heads.

Decorative Iron Doors

Iron doors can completely elevate the look of your home. Whether you’re thinking about installing French iron doors to your entrance or want something more dazzling and statement worthy like heavy wrought-iron doors, you can always depend on Pinky’s Iron Doors. Their range of wrought-iron doors carries a sense of elegance, superiority, and luxury that nothing else can ever beat.

Interior Steel Doors

Room Doors

For room doors, Pinky’s Iron Doors has a variety of interior iron and steel doors and room dividers that’ll give life to your modern home. Take a look at the collection of interior doors now.

Patio Doors

Finding the right patio door for a modern space can be challenging. However, Pinky’s Iron Doors has a range of pocket doors, luxury French doors, bi-folds, sliding doors, and Dutch doors that’ll instantly elevate the look of your patio.

Wine Cellar Doors

Give your Texas home’s wine cellar a modern edge by installing contemporary wine cellar doors today for a contemporary feel.

Pinky’s Iron Doors

Designing your home can be a long process but it’s certainly worth it. If you’re after a modern looking home, don’t forget to look up Pinky’s Iron Doors for their collection of stunning entry and interior doors. They’re a family-owned business that sells handcrafted, premium quality iron and steel doors that can be shipped anywhere in the US, including Texas. Visit their website now and order your favorite doors now.

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