How to Make a Lasting Impression with French Steel Doors in Wyoming

French doors are a beloved staple for modern homes as they give any space an immediate open feel. The open feeling comes from both exterior and interior doors. Even the room dividers use the French door style and do it without sacrificing style and visibility. Whatever your reason for loving French steel doors, here are some ways to use them to create a lasting impression.

mini arched French steel doo

Customize to Your Heart's Content

French steel doors are classic yet modern, which is why it fits so many interior designs. Even if the clean edges and lines aren't just your thing, try customizing the steel doors as they fit the look of your home. They're trendy sure, but they're also versatile.

Have a property with sleek edges and crisp lines? You'll need a door to match. The Air 4 - Double Flat has the look that matches its sharp edges and modern elegance. You might also be looking for something a bit softer without going for a complete dome shape.

The Air 4 - Double Mini Arch has a minor rounded top that fits a Spanish or Mediterranean interior design. This also works well if you believe your home has a sharpness that needs to be softened. French exterior doors with mini arches will be perfect.

Modify Your Home's Façade

Saw something in an interior magazine and recreated it in your home only for its look…. Well, a little boring? You won't be the first, and you won't be the last. The latest modern home design follows a minimalistic and one-dimensional color approach. Although it looks great and is beloved by many, sometimes people just don't like it for their homes.

Gutting it all to replace it isn't easy, and not to mention, it's very costly. If you want to incorporate a traditional touch back into your home, try a steel door with some sort of design rather than a simple glass and steel look. The Beverly - Single Flat and the Getty - Double Flat have a more prominent metallic look than glass while keeping the traditional steel door design. You can also go for M Beverly - Single Flat that's on clearance right now.

Air 5 – double flat steel door

Get Creative with It

You can have unparalleled curb appeal, courtesy of French steel doors. Many steel and iron doors will increase your home's curb appeal significantly. You can use a fancier style like Beverly - Single Flat or go with a simple Air 5 - Single Flat or Air 5 – Double Flat.

The great part of French steel doors is how creative you can get with them. Is there something specific you want that you can't see in our virtual shop? Customize it! From material, design, color, and hardware, you'll have full freedom to create an eye-catching door that reflects your creativity.

bi-fold steel doors

Play with Hinge and Slider Options

Regardless of their size and the space you have for them, French exterior doors have more than one type of action. French doors are often hinged, meaning they swing inwards or outwards. These are perfect for interior doors considering there's generally little space for interior doors.

You can let them swing in or out for exterior doors, let them open at the center like a pair, or go for a center-hinge that'll give the feeling of separate doors. You can also use them as sliders instead of swinging or Bi-fold doors like the Air 4 - Bi-Fold. French doors offer versatility in their look and how you use them as well.

Bring More Sunlight to Your Home

If your goal is to make a lasting impression with your French steel doors, use them to give your home some warmth. One way to bring in warmth is to make the home look light and airy, which you can do with natural light. Figuring out ways to increase natural light in homes is on the wish list of so many homeowners. Why not use the doors to your advantage?

Modern French steel doors incorporate a lot of glass in their design. They draw attention, and it stands to reason that they'll attract attention past the windows too. Your guests will see a home lit up with natural light they can only hope to achieve. Air 4 - w/ Sidelights Double Flat Top.

patio steel doors

Easy Access Door to the Outside

What catches attention is a cohesive look to your home. We've already talked about how to make the exterior door stand out, but the entry door isn't the only exterior one in your house. If you have a patio, match the style and look of your door with French patio doors like the Air 4 - Dual Single with Middle Fixed Panel Flat. We can't take our eyes off this beauty.

Have a rooftop? You have to use that to make the home stand out and let the natural light flow. Check out our Air 5 Flat Top - w/ Flat Top Transom that extends from the ceiling to the floor. It's a door that'll work with even an industrial interior design apartment.

Looking for French Steel Doors in Wyoming?

Are you convinced yet? The sky is the limit when it comes to steel doors. Explore our virtual store for our in-stock options or order a custom door for exterior or interior. Want something other than French steel doors? We have more options that will make your eyes pop with clean edges and beautiful designs. Pinky's Iron Doors has steel and iron doors that are unmatched. We have everything you need to transform your space from drab to fab!

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