Top Home Interior Upgrades on a Budget


Making home upgrades help increase the curb appeal of your residential property by swapping old fixtures with modern ones.

Here’s how you can create a stunning modern interior on a budget!

A Fresh Paint Coat

First and foremost, there’s nothing better than a fresh coat of paint. Wash away the monotony of everyday life by choosing a completely new color palette for your living space. You can experiment with pastels for a mix of vibrancy and sophistication. It will dramatically change the way your home looks with minimal effort.

To complement your freshly painted walls, don’t forget to add modern steel or iron doors and windows. The best part about this home upgrade is that you don’t have to be a pro to excel at it.

Pretty Crown Molding

Crown molding has become extremely popular across the US. It usually makes to the top of budget-friendly home improvements list. Spend your Saturday to beat the dullness of your home’s interior design by adding crown moldings.

It will give an instant facelift to your home and make it look much more stylish and inviting.

Steel Doors with Glass Panels

Many homeowners often ignore the importance of redesigning their home interior with modern iron and steel doors with clear or stained glass. They help maximize daylight flow and add a welcoming touch to any space.

Our bi-folding steel doors, French steel doors, and steel sliding doors are designed to incorporate all kinds of floor and design layouts and can make your space look bigger, fresher, and will-lit.


Need we say more? Take your home interior up a notch with stunning modern steel doors or French doors or Dutch doors. These home additions will bring out the best in your living space.

Check out our vast range of luxurious yet affordable pivot doors, room dividers, pocket doors, passage doors, barn doors, and sliding doors at Pinky’s Iron Doors. For more details, contact us today or take a look at this section for some beautiful inspirations on adding custom wrought iron doors or steel doors to your residential property.


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