Why is Mediterranean Home Interior So Popular

A Mediterranean home interior is one of the most popular interior layouts among homeowners.

If wish to make your home stand out in the block, create an alluring Mediterranean look inside your home. The Mediterranean style appeals to modern homeowners as the interior design is fresh, modern, and uplifting with a historic touch.

Mediterranean interior designs have a mixture of design elements form Greece, Northern Africa, Italy, and Spain. Whether you’ve envisioned the mystic Mediterranean Sea or the style of a Tuscan vacation home, this layout is your way to go. Although this design doesn’t rely on latest upgrades and most modern features, it never goes out of style.

Let’s find out what makes a Mediterranean style home so unique.

Elements of Mediterranean Design to Incorporate into Your Home

There are several versatile yet specific design elements that are required to create a beautiful Mediterranean style home interior. You’d easily find this layout in several homes across California and Florida.

People who are drawn to Italian or Spanish influences should consider adding bits and pieces of Mediterranean home design to take their home interior to a new level.

Tiles and Metal Work in the Exterior

Terracotta design tiles and wrought iron doors and windows make for the perfect Mediterranean space. For added drama, opt for custom wrought iron doors with intricate ornamental works that will uplift the historical effect. Pair these with metalwork transoms, stucco walls, and brick accents to complete the look.

Mediterranean home exterior includes pastel hued colors that are reminiscent of the sea. Indulge in blues, greens, lavenders, and yellows. Think about how you feel and what you see at a beach, and try incorporating those colors into your home.

Wood Beams

Wooden beams are another staple design element of Mediterranean style homes. Opt for simple window panels with natural wood stains or paints for the ultimate Mediterranean look.

Textured Walls

To enhance the Mediterranean vibe inside your home, give your walls more depth and drama with textures and glaze. Incorporate different patterns and brick elements that accentuate the walls and make them look more defining and value-additive.

You cannot achieve a full Mediterranean home design without wrought iron doors. This is where Pinky’s Iron Doors come in. We offer a wide range of beautiful, intricately designed steel and wrought iron doors. Opt for high-quality pivot doors, pocket doors, passage doors, or bi-fold doors, to add a Mediterranean touch to your living space. For more details, call us at 844-843-6677.

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