House Flipping in Arizona: 3 Modern Iron Doors Homebuyers Want

As house flipping projects resume across Arizona, interior designers and real estate investors have been keeping an eye out for the top trends of the year. If you’re struggling to find the perfect pair of iron doors for your project, we’ve rounded up three of the most popular designs of 2021.

1. Iron French Doors


Known for their luxurious and minimalist appeal, iron French doors are one of the best choices you can make. The gorgeous doors are simple, sleek, and stunning. If your property is bathed in neutrals and pastels, the beautiful doors will add much-needed depth and dimension to the space. However, they’ll keep the integrity and authenticity of the minimalist palette and design intact.

Make sure you opt for iron French doors that invite a lot of natural light into the space. Homebuyers will be taken aback by the inviting, cozy, serene, and relaxing ambiance.

2. Iron Patio Doors

Looking to wow your clients? Find the perfect pair of iron patio doors that check off all the boxes. If you’re short on inspiration, we recommend looking into bi-fold doors. The gorgeous doors stand out for their unique opening and closing mechanism. Their wide appeal makes them perfect for large patio entryways.

Also known as accordion doors, bi-fold doors have been the go-to choice for homeowners for decades. However, their demand has skyrocketed in recent years.

If you’re working with a bigger space, handling regular doors can be a bit of a challenge. Bi-fold doors aren’t cumbersome or unwieldy. No matter how expansive your space may be, you’ll be able to handle the expertly engineered doors with ease and adroitness.

3. Iron Dutch Doors


Over the years, iron Dutch doors have become a staple across Arizona. And we doubt they’ll be losing their popularity any time soon. The versatile doors are expertly split along the center. This means you can open the top half while the bottom half remains securely intact.

Whether your clients are looking to invite fresh air into their space, handle groceries without stepping outside, or keep their pets from “sneaking” outside, iron Dutch doors will make life a tad easier.

Browse through our color samples and glass samples to ensure your new iron doors meet your requirements to a tee. We stock a wide variety of iron entry doors, steel front doors, steel sliding doors, wine cellar doors, and interior doors, among others.

If you’ve been struggling to find the right doors for your house flipping project, start exploring our collection today. At Pinky’s Iron Doors, we’re committed to helping you find modern doors that a) meet your interior design requirements, b) don’t break the bank, and c) retain their appeal in the long run.

If you’re purchasing a set of iron doors, make sure you use our proprietary iron door spray for long-term maintenance. We also stock transoms and sidelights for house flipping projects.


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