Top Locations to Install Your Single Wrought Iron Door

Wrought iron doors are a quality investment that can help enhance your home’s façade and continue to look elegant and polished for years. A double wrought iron door is an excellent addition if you’re looking to create a grandiose entrance to your home. Alternately, you can opt for a single wrought iron door if you want to create a memorable yet inviting first impression with your entryway.

But what about the rest of your home? There’s a common misconception that custom wrought iron doors can only work at main entrance doors—but that’s not the case at all. Check out these top locations where wrought iron doors can be incorporated to design a stunning work of art in your home or business.  

1. Balcony doors

Single iron doors installed on a second-story balcony are a great way to infuse European charm into the design of your home. To further enhance the look, consider adding a wrought iron railing and windows to the house with similar artistic elements. Finish the look with hanging vines intertwined around the railing and potted plants above the door for the perfect look.

2. Wine cellar doors

When it comes to your wine cellar entrance, few door designs that can match the charm of a wrought iron door. For larger cellar rooms, you can opt for an elliptical arched door with ornate scrollwork that’s surrounded by masonry or stonework for a classic feel.

Alternately, if your wine cellar is located within your living or dining space, then a modern paneled door that showcases the wines inside might look better.  

3. Office Doors

Apart from entrances, you can also use iron doors to divide spaces in the house. In particular, iron French doors with sleek lines and glass panels are a great way to create partitions without losing the expansive feel of your home. These doors work great for a home office, library, or study room in the house where you often need a little privacy and noise control.

4. Backdoors

Single iron doors also work great at backdoors to the house. It creates an impressive focal point for the back of your home without overwhelming the space you have. If you’re installing a backdoor in the kitchen, consider looking into Dutch door designs for maximum functionality. This door design comes with a separate top and bottom panel and can alternate as a window too. Simply swing open the top panel for added ventilation in the kitchen without worrying about the kids or pets slipping out.

Iron Door Designs for You

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