Custom Steel Arched Windows: Yay or Nay?

Arched windows were first used by the Romans at around 700BC. Their love for tall and grand buildings called for a lot of support, and this window style provided just that. Popularized by Greek and Iraqi architects, the arch window soon made its way to the US. But opinions on steel arched windows still vary, so let’s go over the pros and cons of this design to reach a final verdict. 

Pro: Versatility

Arch windows offer a lot of versatility. You can have a new steel arched window installed into your home or add small arches over your existing ones. If you feel your current casement or hinged windows are too bland, then give them an upgrade by simply adding arches on top. You can choose between a full-circle, semi-circle, quarter-circle, oval and elliptical shape to accommodate any needs and preferences.

Con: Fixed Window                                                        

If you enjoy having your window open and getting some fresh air, then this style may not be the ideal choice. Due to their unique design, most arch windows cannot be opened and closed. However, installers have found a way around this by fitting arched windows over your existing hinged ones. With this, you get the best of both worlds—a window that can open and style points from the arched top.

Pro: Classy and Timeless

As mentioned earlier, arched windows made their first appearance in the Roman Empire, but that doesn’t mean this style is outdated. The fact that you still see arched windows in commercial buildings and retail spaces is proof that they are timeless. They add a touch of class to your house, and their unique design makes your home stand out.

Con: Hanging Shades and Drapes

Hanging shades or drapes on arched windows is a bit tricky. Their unique shape doesn’t always make it clear whether curtains would look good against them or not. You can try placing them above the arch, but chances are the curtain pole will stick out like a sore thumb and ruin the aesthetic. If you have mini arches, then you can add the curtain right below it or get custom poles that curve around the window.

Pro: Easy Upkeep and Low Maintenance

Since arched windows by nature are fixed, they require less maintenance and upkeep by homeowners. Air leakage is significantly reduced, and with no hardware or handles to deal with, there is a lower chance of breakage that requires repairs.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that steel arched windows are a great addition to any home, whether the style is industrial, traditional, or contemporary. They can be used above doors as transoms to elongate entryways, in your lounge to give a gorgeous view of the lush greens, or in your bedroom, so you can bask in the sun as the light streams in.

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