Why Steel and Iron Front Doors Are Superior to Wood and Glass Doors

If you’ve decided to replace your front door, you might be stuck between choosing glass, iron and wood for your door. While all three have their own appeal, iron doors offer considerable advantage over their glass and wooden counterparts. Let’s see what makes iron doors the cream of the crop.

1.    Curb Appeal

First and foremost, iron doors enhance the curb appeal of your home way more than the other two materials. There is not much room for artistry in wood and absolutely none in glass, but iron can be easily shaped, bent, and molded to perfection. For instance, at Pinky’s Iron Doors, we provide doors with stunning scrollwork and other artistic flourishes. With the combination of iron frames and glass panes, iron doors offer you the best of both worlds. Overall they look luxurious as your entry door, beating your neighbors’ curb appeal by a mile.

2.    Care and Maintenance

When compared to glass and wood, iron doors require much less care and maintenance. Wooden doors, in particular, lose their shine very quickly, so a lot of money is spent on their upkeep. Moreover, due to surrounding moisture, wood swells over time, making it rot regardless of what treatment is used to protect the door.

Wrought iron doors, on the other hand, don’t require a lot of maintenance. Unlike wood, they don’t swell, split, or rot. The only problem is that iron can get dents or scratches, but due to its high durability, this rarely happens.

For easy maintenance, shop the iron door spray by Pinky’s to keep your iron front door in tip-top shape.  

3.    Energy Efficiency

Last but not least, wrought iron doors are more energy-efficient than glass and wooden doors. They keep homes warm in winters and cool in summers. Today, modern iron door options can be upgraded to include even more insulation.

For instance, iron doors by Pinky’s have dual pane glass designs that reduce air leakage and heat loss. Moreover, by adding foam inside the frames, your doors are kept insulated with no transfer of hot and cold air. Doing so helps keep your home at an ideal temperature, and with less dependency on ACs or radiators, you get to cut on energy bills too.

If you’re interested in energy efficiency, we also offer a range of thermally-broken steel doors and windows that are designed to prevent the transfer of heat. Browse our cold weather doors here.

Stunning iron front door designs at Pinky’s

If you’re looking to enhance curb appeal and make a bold statement with your main entryway, then check out our wide range of stunning iron door designs. At Pinky’s, each door is hand-crafted to perfection so that you can enjoy the door designs of your needs. Our door selection includes wrought iron doors, modern iron doors, metal sliding doors, metal room dividers with glass, and more options to customize your favorite products.

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