Transform Your Los Angeles, California Home with Wrought Iron Front Doors

The City of Angels is a place of sunshine, glamour, fame, and endless inspiration that marries tradition with an outlook on the future. That same inspiration courses through LA homes, heralding contemporary wrought iron designs as the ultimate adage to the city's remarkable culture and providence.

Neighborhoods like Bel Air, Brentwood, Westwood, Century City, Pacific Palisades, and Hollywood Hills are adorned with luxurious and elegant wrought iron exterior doors.

If want to create a timeless look that matches the city's unique style, make a big entrance.

Refresh Your Home with Iron Doors

Wrought iron doors have nearly unparalleled customizability, providing homes with excellent durability and sustainability while still allowing them to play with different styles and aesthetics. Here's what you can expect from PINKYS wrought iron door options.

Great Durability

Just because PINKYS iron entry doors come with huge glass panes, that doesn't mean that the doors are any more vulnerable to the elements. Wrought iron is one of the most durable door materials, nearly invulnerable to fire and flooding alike. Its fire resistance is even greater than that of steel doors, which are commonly considered to be some of the strongest there are.


However, unlike steel doors, wrought iron doesn't exhibit as much wear and tear and owners can maintain their doors easily. In LA's generally hot and dry climate, iron provides the perfect blend of durability and style.

Improved Security

Iron is one of the most impact-resistant materials for doors, and a wrought iron door is nearly impervious to damage and tampering. Pair them with one of multiple options for reliable locks, and you get a strong security system to protect your entryway.

Furthermore, the doors use dual-paned tempered glass, which is stronger and more secure than most residential windows. This means that your home will be in safe hands. If this glass happens to shatter, it will do so in a smaller number of larger pieces that are easier to handle.

Peerless Design Opportunities

One of the key advantages of wrought iron over traditional wood or fiberglass is that this type of iron can be molded into pretty much any shape. Homeowners can pick the designs they like and skilled ironwrights can create a distinctive door frame that suits any home's style.

Are you inspired by rustic designs, or do you want a more modern and sleek appearance? With the right set of wrought iron doors, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Great First Impression

As the primary access point to the house, exterior doors are usually what guests see first when they arrive, so you should leave a good first impression.

By combining the aesthetic appeal of carefully woven designs with the robust durability of iron, your new doors will transcend trends and imbue your home with elegance and sophistication worthy of an LA mansion.

Lifestyle of PINKYS Getty Black Steel Double Flat doors

To that end, sleek iron doors can function either as a blank canvas or an entryway centerpiece. For the former, use simple, minimalist designs with large glass panes to let other decorative elements shine through. Or, you can use rustic and elaborate features to make the doors stand out on their own.

Energy Efficiency

PINKYS iron doors are designed to be as energy-efficient as possible thanks to the stock low-E glass available for every door model. This type of glass is completely transparent yet can block UV rays.

But, more importantly, low-E also reduces how much heat the house absorbs (or lets out), reducing the reliance on ACs in the scorching LA summers. Add to the fact that iron is a natural insulator and the doors are installed with additional insulation foam, and PINKYS is on a mission to make Los Angeles more sustainable, and that starts from people's homes. By choosing energy-efficient yet beautiful doors and windows, you can make a real impact on the environment.

A Long-Term Addition

Wrought iron exterior doors shouldn't be considered just an expensive add-on you put on your house. They are an investment into the house's future, in multiple ways.

First off, iron doors are surprisingly easy to maintain. PINKYS has developed the Iron Door Spray that can be applied both to the metal portions and the glass panes to remove dirt and grime. Additionally, the hinge maintenance process is relatively straightforward and requires only a bit of grease. If you care for the doors well, you can expect them to last for decades.

Secondly, beautiful and rustic iron doors can have a profound effect on the home's curb appeal. Their stunning charm is difficult, or even nearly impossible, to replicate with traditional wooden doors. On the off-chance that you plan to sell the house later, the improved appearance will no doubt make the house fetch a higher price on the market.

Why Choose PINKYS for Your LA Wrought Iron Doors

PINKYS doors have been made in LA for close to 50 years. We offer single, double, French, sliding, and pivot doors, all of which can be used as entry doors seamlessly. This allows homeowners to truly customize their living space.

Touch of Tradition

Traditional homes with ornate details and classic architecture will be the perfect match for one of our intricate and grand double doors like the Beverly. With a sophisticated design and meticulous details, this luxurious double-door design is the epitome of elegance, fitting perfectly with the Spanish Colonial style of olden LA.

Minimalist Modernity

For contemporary Los Angeles homes, iron doors in the Air Collection will be the ideal fit for a modern home. They aim to emphasize the linear over the organic, featuring sleek and simple designs that truly stand out.

The Air 5 for example, is a simple double door that’s contemporary and classic at the same time. This stunning piece is designed with modern and minimalistic homes in mind.

Shining Simplicity

If you don't want metal to stand in the way of the view, then the Air Lite door might be just for you. These pivot doors have maximized panel size compared to the overall door, with the metal dividers nearly invisible as a result.

Single entryway door made from iron with simple horizontal bars and a full panel of glass

Alternatively, you can use the Air 5 doors with sidelights, adding more width to your doorway and maximizing the surface area to allow more light to come through.

These options allow you to fill the space with natural light, creating a beautiful and cozy entryway. However, that doesn't necessarily mean the house will get swelteringly hot in the summer. Since PINKYS can install low-E glass on all door models, you won't have to turn up the AC and can do your part in saving the planet.

Choose PINKYS for Genuine LA Elegance

PINKYS brings a touch of Hollywood glamour right into your home. With our company's dedication to artistry above all else, your entryway will be the talk of the town.

Browse the PINKYS iron doors collection on our website and get the perfect entry doors for any budget. If you can't find your dream doors, contact our team and we can develop a custom design for you.

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