Trending Front Iron Doors for 2024

With each passing year, new trends emerge. Leading styles and designs ebb and flow with the times. This applies just as much to home exteriors as it does to their interiors. Front doors, for example, have undergone a raft of changes and trends across the ages. For 2024, more fresh front door ideas and popular front door styles have hit the scene for homeowners to consider.

10 of the Hottest Front Door Trends in 2024

Picking a new front entry door is a big decision. One that should be informed primarily by your own personal preference. It's vital to choose a front door style that matches your style, rather than chasing trends or copying the neighbors. However, it's still worth looking at the latest door color trends or perusing a front door style guide before you make your choice.

Perhaps your current front door feels a little dated. Maybe the frame is worn, the decorative molding has lost its allure, or your tastes have changed. Either way, if you're considering a fresh focal point for your home's facade, the 10 trends below may provide the ideas and inspiration you require.

Tall and Wide Doors That Make a Big Statement

Bigger. Broader. Taller. Wider. In a pursuit to make the front door even more of a focal point than it was before, many homeowners are opting for larger variants. Indeed, one of the biggest front door trends of recent years revolves around size, with many homeowners of the mind that bigger is better.

There's no doubt that larger front doors like the PINKYS Getty can provide an instant dose of "wow factor" to a home's curb appeal. They also serve a valuable function, providing a broader entrance than a traditional front door. This is perfect for moving large items of furniture in and out of the property.

Customized Door Styles to Match the Home's Exterior

In a world of copy-and-paste, mass-made products, more and more people are seeking out custom items with that one-of-a-kind feel. This even applies to front doors, with many homeowners looking for a door that looks unique and blends just right with the surrounding exterior.

Rather than buying a mass-market product, you could opt for a custom-ordered front door. This allows you to not only select the style front door you desire but also pick and choose an array of additional aspects. With PINKYS, for instance, buyers can choose from various frame sizes, colors, swing styles, glass panels, and even door jamb sizes, too.

Front Door Style that Contrasts with the Rest of the Facade

While some homeowners seek a front door that seamlessly fuses with their home's exterior, others go in the opposite direction. They look for doors that are much more standout and at odds with the rest of the home's facade.

Examples of this include arched doors on homes with lots of sleek, straight lines elsewhere. Or craftsman doors with wood paneling that contrast with the more modern or metal elements of the rest of the exterior. You might also decide to choose door colors that are totally different to the exterior walls, like a black or navy blue entrance door on a white or gray base.

Decorative Glass Panels for More Natural Light

For many years, a lot of front doors were stocky and solid. Big blocks of wood or metal. They blocked out not only the elements and would-be intruders from the house, but also any slivers of natural light, too. But times have changed.

A modern-day style front door tends to be more open and inviting, with multiple windows and glass panels built into its design. Lots of homeowners enjoy the way these doors fill their entryway, foyer, porch, or hall with more light.

Sidelights and Transoms for an Even More Illuminated Home

Continuing the theme of light and windows, a lot of popular modern front door styles also feature additional glass panels around the frame. Those panels often take the form of transoms, which sit above the top panel of the door. Or they may be used as sidelights, which are situated on either side of the door.

These glamorous and elegant front door additions work wonderfully to flood the home with more natural light, and there are endless options to consider. You might like curved doors with eye raising arched top windows, for instance, or something with floor-length sidelights, like the PINKYS Air 4.

Advanced Features and Technologies to Improve Efficiency

With the world heating and climate changing, concepts of sustainability and efficiency are on a lot of homeowners' minds. Many people want to not only make their properties more alluring and inviting from an aesthetic view, but also more sustainable, too.

This has led to a rise in demand for entryway doors with efficient design features, such as thermal breaking and weather stripping. These modern additions allow doors to become more efficient, letting less warm air leave the house in winter, while keeping it cool in summer.

Metal Doors in Iron and Steel, Fusing Strength and Aesthetics

Wood. Fiberglass. Metal. A door frame can be made of many different materials, and each one has had its time in the spotlight over the decades. For now, metal is most certainly the star of the show. The finest and most sophisticated homes invariably seem to have either iron or metal front door styles.

Rugged and resistant, a metal door serves as one of the strongest sentinels of any property. It guards against all the elements, while also bolstering a home's security and even its value. Plus, the visual interest and value of metal doors cannot be understated. They're powerful and beautiful in equal measure.

Minimalistic Modern Styles with Geometric Detail

A lot of the most popular modern front door also tend to be quite minimalistic. They feature straight lines and sharp angles, without necessarily having too many quirky or unusual additions. This ties in to a growing trend of minimalism throughout home design. Many people like the neat and uncluttered nature of this home style.

This isn't, however, to say that ornate and decorative style front doors are no longer fashionable. Indeed, decorative wrought iron doors are just as popular and trendy as their more simplistic counterparts. Such is the beauty of the best door designs: they're truly timeless, immune to the effects of trends and change.

Lifestyle of PINKYS Getty Black Steel Double Flat doors

Grand Double Doors to Maximize Curb Appeal

We've already discussed the rising tide of larger, wider doors. But many people take this concept even further than simply extending their front door frame by a few inches. They go beyond the traditional single front door and elect to have a larger set of double doors fitted to the front of their homes instead.

These doors can massively impact a property's curb appeal. They can transform the facade and the first impression it produces for guests and passers-by. Double doors, just like larger doors in general, also have the benefit of providing a broader entryway. This can be useful when moving large items, like beds, chairs, desks, and tables, in and out of the home.

Bridging the Gap Between Outside and Inside

For too long, doors have been seen as nothing more than barriers and blockades, barring and separating the inside from the outside. But, in the modern era, that view has changed. Increasingly, doors are being seen not as mere barriers, but connectors, bridging that indefinable space between interior and exterior.

This has led to increasing demand for doors that allow you to feel better connected to the outside world. That doesn't just mean doors with extra glass panels. It also applies to doors with unique opening mechanisms. Like pivot doors with hinges at the top and base, such as PINKYS Knox Pivot. Or Dutch doors with tops that swing open separately to the bottoms, like PINKYS Air 5 Dutch.

Choose PINKYS for Your New Front Door

There you have it: 10 trends that are shaping the facades of homes across the country, and indeed the world. Perhaps one of them speaks to you more than the rest. Maybe you enjoy more than one of these ideas, and plan to combine them in your own unique style front door. Or perhaps none of them speak to your soul and desires, and you prefer to eschew them all in favor of something totally different.

In either case, if you're looking for a fresh front door idea, it's vital to find a provider you can trust. Forged beneath the California sunshine in Los Angeles in 1978, PINKYS leads the way in high-end artisan front door design. Pouring passion into every product we create, we offer a broad, varied selection of timeless and popular front door styles for every property.

Grand and imposing double doors that make a bold statement. Steel doors that are slim and minimalist, with sleeker lines and geometric details. Iron doors in an ornate style, with decorative paneling and a stately appearance. Craftsman style. Industrial style. Big. Small. With lots of windows. Or without them. Whatever style front door you desire, you'll find it here. Check out the PINKYS range to start the search.

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