What are Steel Doors Made of?

Steel doors are usually found at the entrance of commercial buildings, but they’re quickly gaining popularity for use in homes as well! For some people, a steel door might sound like an interesting choice for someone who doesn’t have high-security needs, but there are many reasons people opt for this option.

Here’s everything you need to know about steel doors:

They aren’t made out of solid steel

Solid steel is usually used in marine and military settings, and it’s definitely not something that you’d want to install in your home. The steel doors that you’ll find for use in homes usually consist of a lightweight core that’s made of some sort of foam—usually polyurethane or polystyrene—or wood that’s coated in a study skin of steel. It’s surrounded by a wooden frame that’s known as a stile that covers the foam completely.

Solid steel would be too heavy for a residential application—it would probably rip the hinges out the frame, and the cost would be way too high for a material of such volume.

Steel comes in varying thicknesses

The steel skin is available in multiple levels of thickness, which is one of the main indicators of how well it would perform against fire or any security threat. Historically, the thickness of the steel used to be measured using gauges on a scale that ran from 4 to 28, with lower numbers indicating thicker material.

While standards bodies and those in the industry follow different practices for measurement, gauges are still relevant when referencing steel doors. Most entry doors for homes usually use 24-gauge—it weighs around 1.15 pounds per square foot, with a thickness of 0.020 inches. Certain manufacturers also sell varieties of 20-gauge steel that have a thickness of around 0.032 inches.

Take a look at the coating

Steel doors usually come with their own factory-applied paint, an additional coating of PVC with its very own design such as woodgrain, or primer that can be painted on with a spray gun or brush by the user. Industrial-grade paint is the best option for non-PVC coating and is rather easy to replace.

It’s difficult to customize a door that has a PVC coating, so make sure that you’re happy with your choice before you get one. If you choose to paint it yourself, just follow your manufacturer’s instructions.

You can also find steel doors with three different types of coating—galvanized steel and cold-rolled steel. All of these are best suited for different situations and placements within a house.

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