Winter Care and Maintenance Tips for Your Wrought Iron Doors in Texas

Wrought iron doors are a beautiful addition to every home, adding to your home’s aesthetic appeal in Texas. However, the weather in Texas can be quite rugged all around the year, taking a toll on the shine of your wrought iron doors. However, no damage cannot be salvaged with these beauties.

Here is our top recommended tried and tested winter care and maintenance tips that can keep your wrought iron doors in Texas looking beautiful all year long.


The first rule of wrought iron door maintenance is to keep your iron door clean. When dust particles stay on the door for long, they can eat away its shine and ruin the look of your wrought iron door. Moreover, wrought iron doors come with a top coat, protecting them from weather damage, making your job easier.

Ideally, it’s best to thoroughly dust your wrought iron doors once every week. However, even if you clean it monthly, that can do wonders for your door’s life and look. If you choose to clean it once a month, try iron door sprays specifically meant to clean steel, iron, and wrought iron doors.


If your wrought iron door has some elements of decaying, it’s best to get rid of it all before going in with a primer coat. Primer coats as essential to protect your wrought iron doors from the harsh weather elements.

For old wrought iron doors, sand it using sanding paper to get rid of any dirt or debris stuck to the door. And for new wrought iron doors, wash the door pat it dry to ensure there’s no water sitting on it. Then apply a thin and even coat of primer, focusing on the joints too, all over the wrought iron door, and let it dry. This protective coat will prevent your door from decaying due to harsh winter conditions.


If your wrought iron door is worn out, it’s best to go in with a coat of paint to give your wrought iron door a fresh look. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for the overall aesthetic vibe of your home. And since you used a primer before applying the paint, the paint will apply smoothly. If you choose a bright or vibrant color, it’s best to apply two to three thin coats of paint for even coverage.

Is your wrought iron door beyond repair?

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