What Are the Best Steel Door Options for Your Bathroom?

 Steel doors installed in a bathroom with a standalone tub.

Remodeling and redecorating can be a little difficult, especially if you don’t understand one or more aspects of it. Most people have a hard time redefining their kitchen and bathroom areas, and they end up replacing fixtures and consider that remodeling. While replacing old fixtures is equally important, adding a little structure, and style to your bathrooms is also something you need.

One great way to do that is by installing stylish steel doors. These doors give a great vibe, make your bathroom look spacious, and upgrade the overall look. If you're wondering what kind of steel door you can use in a bathroom, worry no more!

We’ve put together some modern and stylish options for you to consider before deciding about what the final remodel will look like. Let's explore each of these options.

Pocket Doors

Pocket steel doors are one of the greatest additions you can incorporate in your bathrooms. If you’re wondering why that is, pocket doors save tons of space. They’re built to vanish into the pockets created in the adjoining wall. There are no hinges, or swings in the door which means it's efficient for small bathroom spaces.

You no longer have to worry about limited space, with pocket steel doors, you can create your magnificent bathroom in no time!

Barn Doors

If you’re looking for the rustic look combined with convenience, and great functionality then barn steel doors are the top pick for you. These doors take virtually zero space in your bathroom, have a smooth functionality, and can make your bathroom look much warmer and homey. Best of all, it doesn’t hide inside pockets at all!

French steel doors installed in a shower

French Doors

French doors are simplistic, but they radiate style and elegance. Most people opt for hinged French doors that have intricate designs and carvings to give their overall bathroom space an oomph factor. If you incorporate glass into the French steel doors you will see the place completely transform.

Let us help you find the perfect steel doors for your bathroom. With Pinky’s Iron Doors, you can now find a large variety of steel and iron doors tailored to your needs. Don’t believe us? See for yourself, place an order today and opt for a few customizations. For more information, feel free to give us a call.


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