What Are Interior Steel Doors Used For?


Not all doors are the same! Traditional wooden doors are slowly being replaced by steel doors for both commercial and residential use for the past few years. Whether it’s a family home, restaurant, or school, steel interior doors have become all the rage.     

Many people have been making the shift and choosing steel doors due to a variety of reasons:

Long-term value

The initial cost of steel doors is often less than that of a fiberglass one; however, they can still sometimes be pricier than wooden doors. Steel doors last much longer than wooden doors, making them more valuable in the long run.

Maintenance and repair

Wood absorbs moisture rather easily, and gets twisted, bowed, peeled, or forms bubbles at the slightest hints of water damage. Repairing or replacing damaged doors like these can get extremely expensive.

Steel doors can easily last 30 or more years with proper maintenance, and repair costs are much lower compared to those of wooden doors. Hence, if you want long-term value, steel doors are the way to go!

Easy to clean

Steel doors are super easy to clean, making them an essential part of the building in places where sanitation matters a lot, such as hospitals. A simple rag and cleaning solution can do the job to remove any bacteria, dirt, or grease.

The main thing you have to take care of is the hardware, but regular maintenance will make sure that your door functions the way it should without any issues. Grease the hinges and the locks so that the steel door opens and closes as it should and keep the door gasket clean to prevent any odors from other rooms.

Add character

Steel doors aren’t always impersonal and cold—you can get bolded or embossed panels to add some extra character, or decorative glass along with transoms and sidelights in rooms where you want more natural light to flow through.

Raise your home’s value

Your home is going to be one of the biggest investments of your life as well as being the place that you spend most of your time at. As such, it’s important to make smart decisions that would increase the value of your home for potential buyers in the future and make it long-lasting and easy to maintain for yourself.

Steel doors can do exactly that! They have a slew of benefits that buyers love—from their technical aspects to their aesthetics, these beautiful doors significantly increase the value of any home.


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