Why Should You Get Dutch Steel Doors?


Your front door pulls a lot of weight when it comes to aesthetic curb appeal. Depending on the shape, color, number of panels, and the size of the windows, you can express a lot of your personality through your door to make a great first impression.

One of the best doors that top the charming list is Dutch doors. These half or double-hung doors are split horizontally in half, allowing the top part to be opened while the bottom part stays shut. You can secure a bolt to keep both of the parts together and operate it as an average door.

History of Dutch doors

Dutch doors have a long history—they originated in colonial New England as a practical solution to allow the sunlight and breeze to come inside the house without letting any pets or children get out. Split doors are a prominent feature of Dutch colonial homes, making the association stick.

These days, Dutch doors are still incredibly popular due to their old-world vibe. Here are all the reasons why you should get a Dutch door!

They add character

If you want to give your home a friendly and relaxed vibe with a touch of that welcoming country charm, Dutch steel doors are the way to go! These delightful doors add a ton of personality to a home, instantly boosting curb appeal and helping your home stand out from the rest in your neighborhood.

Remember, first impressions often tend to be the last, and your front door will be a big indicator to the kind of person you are, what tastes you have, and your style.

They increase your home’s value

As a homeowner, as much as you love living in your home, you might have plans of selling it and moving somewhere even better someday. Your home’s a big investment, and it’s only normal to want good returns when you put it on the market. A Dutch steel door can significantly improve your home’s value!

It doesn’t need much maintenance and can last for a long time with proper care. It’s also resistant to the weather, scratches, and other general mishaps that usually affect doors of other materials, such as wood.

Also, they’re just incredibly cute! And one of the main things that buyers look for in a home is the aesthetic appeal, which Dutch doors can provide plenty of.

They let in more fresh air and light

There aren’t many things more relaxing than some warm sunshine and a fresh breeze flitting through your home. You can let your house and your family breathe better on days where the weather is good, or simply enjoy some gorgeous views outside of your door.

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