Which Steel Door Design is Best for Offices?


Offices have started embracing more modern layouts and designs to give a chic and professional look. Modern styles incorporate more straight lines, open spaces, lack of excessive décor, and neutral colors. This is great for helping workers feel like they have plenty of space to move around and helps them stay focused on the task at hand.

One of the best ways to make an office feel more modern is by installing steel doors! These contemporary doors come in a wide variety of styles for any office, regardless of the kind of work they do. Here are some of the best steel doors for your office!

Dutch interior door

Dutch doors are a beautiful addition to offices, especially when they’re made out of steel! This gives them a better opportunity to have glass embedded onto the surface, providing a clean, airy look for the entire room. Dutch doors are made up of two horizontal sections that can be latched in the center to turn them into one door, or you can only open the top part while keeping the bottom locked. This essentially turns your door into a window!

Originally, Dutch doors were used as a way to keep barn animals out and children and pets in, without having to sacrifice fresh air and sunlight. You can install it in your office as a way to maintain an uninterrupted flow of light and air while maintaining a degree of privacy by closing both the top and bottom parts.

Barn door

Barn doors are a type of sliding door attached to a track outside of the room, covering the doorway and leaving a gap between the wall and the door. Originally made out of wood and used in barns, modern barn steel doors consist of high-quality steel available in several custom finishes and includes glass panels that provide a contemporary feel to any space they’re installed in.

They’re extremely easy to open or close since they aren’t designed to be shut tightly, making them the perfect choice for workplaces with constant foot traffic. They’re also great for saving space since they don’t need to swing open or close. If you’ve got a small office that needs to make use of all the floor space that it has, a barn door might be the one for you!

Pocket doors

If you need a door to divide the space or close off a room, a pocket steel door is a great option. These amazing doors slide into a pocket inside the wall to create a clean opening in the doorway, connecting two rooms without taking up the space that a hinged door does.

You can get a wide variety of glass options to control your degree of privacy—from clear to frosted, we’ve got it all!

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