Which Interior Glass Doors to Select for Your Colorado Home

Renovating your home interior or getting to start from scratch on your interior décor is the perfect time to replace your interior doors in Colorado with Pinky’s Iron Doors. A lot of thought goes into selecting steel doors for your home, so it’s natural to miss a few things.

If you aren’t careful, you could miss out on interior glass doors, aka the holy grail of modern interior décor that even Vanessa Hudgens couldn’t do without.

Modern interior doors have a personality much like your home, so make sure they match and complement each other. Before you do that, check out the following interior glass doors.

Interior French Doors

French doors are an everlasting trend because of their versatility. They’re the perfect fit for every architectural style and interior décor due to their visual appeal, transitional capability, and the privacy they can afford a homeowner.

Although these doors have glass panes, you can easily customize these panes for privacy with minimal interruption to the flow of light. Speaking of light, most homeowners prefer these doors as exterior doors for their patio, balcony, or another spot directly connecting the indoors to the outdoors.

Be that as it may, you can always install them as interior glass doors where you see fit because they would work just as well as any room divider.

Sliding Barn Doors

Barn doors are a tad different from your everyday sliding doors. No, they aren’t installed outside barns, though there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give that a shot. However, barn doors are a perfect fit for homes that have been decked out in country style.

These modern sliding doors have an overhead track going from wall to doorway. They remain flush with the wall instead of a fixed glass panel when opened, which is more the case with conventional sliding doors.

In other words, if you don’t have the space for double doors, you can use your wall space to mount barn doors outside bedrooms, restrooms, closets, kitchens, etc. The cherry on top: the installation process for these skinny doors is so simple that the whole thing should only take a day.

Pocket Doors

Pocket doors add yet another flair to sliding doors with their disappearing acts. They have a sliding track at the top of the doorway and pockets drilled within the walls on one or both sides. Upon opening, these interior doors disappear inside the wall recesses, effectively turning two rooms into one.

The only thing difficult about pocket doors is their installation process. Not everyone has walls that can accommodate pockets, so you might want to ensure that before selecting these as your interior doors.

You can have pocket doors as bedroom doors, closet doors, partitions between kitchens and dining areas, office doors, and between two rooms that you’d like to keep separate and open up when entertaining guests.

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Doors with Sidelights

The only thing better than interior glass doors is interior glass doors with sidelights. We don’t say this often enough, so we’ll reiterate: you don’t have to restrict your sidelights to the exterior. You should bring them into your home to enhance an open-plan concept or create fluidity between two or more rooms.

If your frame isn’t big enough to accommodate a double door, make do with a single door with one or two sidelights. If you’ve already got double doors in your home and have some wall space on either side, add sidelights anyway. It would only make your space more transitional and modern.

Sidelights are also quite easy to install. However, you must ensure they match your interior doors, not just the one they’re flanking but also all the other doors in your home, especially in that vicinity.


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Dutch Doors

Dutch doors are like regular swinging doors, except you can open the top half with or without the bottom half. This would open your door to the elements and the view on the other side without opening the door all the way through.

It’s easy to mistake Dutch doors for exterior doors. While these perennially single doors do look great on a home’s frontage, you can also alternate them as interior doors. Here are a few ideas:

  • As an office door to bring in the light and keep out pets and kids while working.
  • As a baby gate at a staircase landing or any other place in your house that may have a staircase.
  • Instead of steel windows leading to the backyard, balcony, deck, etc.

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The Good Old Sliding Doors

Go back to the roots with conventional sliding doors, but give them a little twist. You can replace an entire wall or two with a row of modern sliding doors with movable and fixed glass panes to open yourself up to the view on the other side.

You can do this between two rooms inside your home or between the indoors and outdoors. You can also create an outdoor space from the ground up and deck the interior with steel sliding doors to open it up on all sides. If you’re worried about creating a disconnect, don’t be.

Sliding doors have lasted as long as they have because they get on well with all exteriors and interiors and can be installed in no time at all.


Join Hands with Pinky’s Iron Doors for Your Colorado Home’s Interior Glass Doors

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Drop us a line, and we’ll get right back to you on the steel doors for your Colorado abode.



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