How To Select The Right Interior Door Style For Your Georgia Home


Homeowners in Georgia tend to spend countless hours and infinite amounts of energy when it comes to decorating their homes. Their furniture needs to be a perfect fit with their home’s aesthetic, the walls need to be immaculate, and the color schemes need to be fluid yet intricately woven alongside every other object in a singular space.

Doors are an extremely important part of a home’s style. In many homes, they often go undervalued and untouched, but it’s not enough to slap on a fresh coat of paint on a worn-down door and call it a day. Doors deserve a lot more attention due to all the daily use that they get, along with the general wear and tear that happens over the years.

Choosing an interior door isn’t as simple as blindly picking something from your local hardware store. From the color scheme and material to the style of the interior door, many different variables need to be taken into consideration when selecting an interior door.

Here’s everything you need to know about picking an interior door for your Georgia home:

Select the material


Your door’s material needs to match the rest of your home’s aesthetic. This defining factor of your door’s style can range from solid wood, glass doors, steel doors, and iron doors. Iron and steel doors are the best option for those who want a greater range of design while getting a larger number of benefits.

These strong materials are extremely versatile and make it easier to create unique door styles that can last for years to come. They also don’t need much upkeep beyond a simple wipe-down once a month, so you won’t have to worry about any cracking or warping.

Iron and steel doors are also extremely valuable and can help you raise your home’s overall value when the time comes to sell it off. The beauty of these doors is sure to leave a great impression on your potential buyers!

Define your style

A good home design requires a consistent theme spanning your color and material choices, starting with the door. Your design choices and personal aesthetic should be reflected in every detail of your home—from skirting boards and picture rails to iron door frames, embossed and carved profiles add a ton of texture and visual interest to your home.

Consider the door’s placement and size

Iron doors take up different sizes and amounts of space according to the home that they’re installed in. The phrase ‘one size fits all’ doesn’t always apply in this situation. While standard door sizes are available, many entryways or rooms don’t have standard measurements. If you install a door that doesn’t fit properly, it will prevent it from closing properly or creating drafts, which can cost a significant amount of money and time to correct.

Consult an expert before renovating or building your home so that you won’t overlook little details that can lead to big problems later on. A professional iron door company can help you with measuring your entryway and making the right functional decisions, such as whether you should go for a pivot or sliding door.

Spatial awareness

You need to carefully consider the space around the door when you set out to choose the perfect one. Hinged steel doors need an empty area around the swing trajectory to be able to open and close without any impediments. The floor space is extremely valuable in this scenario, and it’s best to go for a variety of sliding doors if you need to save it.

It’s always important to consider how you’re going to get the best out of your square footage.

Choose the right base

Your steel door’s finish will be a key point in defining your home’s look. The latest trends include bold and bright interior doors that highlight the door itself as a part of the décor. However, the palette choice depends on your personal preference, but it’s important to be careful when considering the base options for staining, painting, or sealing your door. You can even customize your door according to the exact look you want after buying it!

Get the right profile

A door’s profile is the design that’s created through multiple decorative details such as molding, paneling, and routing. This alters the door from being a simple flat expanse. If you want to go for a more modern look, an uncomplicated yet bold door with sharp features is the perfect fit for the aesthetic. Crisp geometric shapes and neat, vertical lines add plenty of texture and visual interest without making the space look messy or overdone.

The right interior door can help you pull a room together and create a definition for your personal style. Choosing the right door can define your home’s feel, function, and look, eventually making it go from a simple house to a beautiful home.

Match the furniture

If your furniture has a farmhouse style with wicker seats and cozy sofas with a worn and weathered look, the best door style would probably be a sliding barn door or a hinged Dutch door! When made with steel or iron, these doors give off a much more modern feel compared to traditional wood, instantly upgrading your space without clashing with the rest of the décor.

Similarly, if you have neat, contemporary furniture with monochromatic colors and straight edges, a pocket door or accordion door can complement it beautifully! These modern door styles feature large glass panes that provide a clear view of the room without taking up much space. They’re the epitome of minimalism!

Get high-quality interior doors in Georgia today!

Now that you know exactly how to select the right interior door for your home in Georgia, it’s time to start hunting for the perfect door. Pinky’s Iron Doors has some of the highest quality steel and iron doors on the market. Our professional door designers use their decades of experience to create gorgeous, customizable doors for homes across Georgia. Whether you’re looking for Dutch doors, French doors, or pocket doors, we’ve got it all!

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